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What If Kids Really Get the Big Idea of Kids Club 2016?

Kids Club logoKids Club at The Crossing is many things. The fruit of endless hours of planning and a huge volunteer effort. An impressive array of color-coordinated t-shirts. A logistical puzzle on the order of a small army. A time for kids to play, create, and build friendships with their leaders and each other. A place where getting slimed is a feature, not a bug. It’s even the reason my wife is now banned from participating in mud obstacle courses. (Turns out there’s a reason we have a medical team in-house. But I digress).

But it’s also a place where we communicate the gospel to kids in a variety of fun and creative ways. We do that because kids, just like everyone else, very much need the the transforming grace of what God has done for us in and through Jesus. Our hope is that these few days will help kids establish a solid foundation on which they can continue to build their lives in the right way.

How does that happen? Take this year’s “Big Idea,” the one big truth we hope kids walk away with after a week of teaching about God’s promises to Abraham in Genesis 12 and how they ultimately are fulfilled by Jesus. It reads like this: