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Jamaica Student-Parent Team


Pray for the High School Student-Parent Team as they leave for Jamaica this Sunday.

The Crossing is sending a team of  29 High School students and 25 parents with 2 staff and 2 leaders to Harmons, Jamaica from June 12-19.

Mission Spotlight: Jamaica

10506625_695504427166197_7655106673917834582_oThe Crossing became involved in Harmons, Jamaica through MU students who went on short-term mission with Won By One to Jamaica. Now, every June, The Crossing sends High School students and their parents to serve in Harmons for a week and MU students continue to make the trek to work with Won By One during Winter and Spring Breaks. This video shows an overview of Won By One to Jamaica’s work. Keith Simon, teaching pastor at The Crossing, is on the Board of Directors of Won By One to Jamaica.

Won By One’s ministries include: