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Does God Care About Our Good or His Glory? (Yes.)

One of the most encouraging truths I’ve come to understand about God could be put this way: his glory is not the opposite of my good. That is, far from being adversaries, God’s concern with his own glory and honor actually coincides with him bringing about what will ultimately result in my joy and happiness.

It’s a worthwhile point to make, especially when you realize that God seems to be relentlessly concerned with demonstrating, protecting, and magnifying his own glory. A careful reading of virtually any story in the Bible bears this out, from the creation account in Genesis, to the new heavens and the new earth in Revelation.

That God is so concerned for his own glory and honor can tempt us to think—if we’re honest—that he seems a bit self-centered. And frankly, our experience with self-centered people (including ourselves) is that they rarely take much thought for the good of others. So if God concentrates so much on his glory, does he give much thought to us and our needs?

Something I came across recently reminded me that, yes, in fact he does…and that when God pursues his glory it results in very different things from when we pursue our own.