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Prominent Doctor: I Want to Die at 75

“Seventy-five. That’s how long I want to live: 75 years.”

That’s how prominent medical doctor, bioethicist, and health care reformer Ezekiel Emmanuel began a recent essay for The Atlantic. And while he makes it clear that he’s opposed to taking his own life, Emmanuel does explain that, once he hits his designated age, his desire will significantly affect the choices he makes with regard to medical care.

Having participated in a few bruising political battles surrounding healthcare, Emmanuel is no stranger to controversy. Even so, I found his article to be a thoughtful reflection on the realities of aging. A good deal of what he wrote strikes me as compelling, while  parts were deeply problematic. All in all, the piece is great starting point to wrestle with several issues from a biblically informed perspective

In that spirit, I won’t claim anything like the final word on these things, but a handful of thoughts came to mind as I’ve been considering what Emmanuel’s wrote. It’s certainly not an exhaustive list of the issues at play, but it’s a start: