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Mission Spotlight: Pray for Burundi

500px-Flag_of_Burundi.svgThe Crossing supports a number of missionaries in East Africa. Through these missionaries, we connect with a wider network of missionaries who are teaching, pastoring, church-planting or working in development and humanitarian relief. This week, almost all of them have communicated with us asking for prayers for Burundi. The escalating violence in Burundi’s capital, Bujumbura, has grown to such crisis that reports of genocide and mass killing are pouring out of the country despite denials by the Burundian authorities.

Burundi is a small Central African country that sits in the triangle between Rwanda, DRCongo and Tanzania. It is home to a little over 11 million people who are largely made up of the same Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups involved in the Rwandan Genocide. We do not fully know the extent of the violence but the reports and photos are alarming. BBC is running updates at this page.