Start Listening to the Bible on Your iPod

I think every Christian senses the need to invest more of their time in reading the Bible. When you think about it, it’s silly that we spend so much of our every-day time reading and watching and listening to all sorts of stuff, and yet spend little to no time reading the one book that God has given us so that we can truly live the life he died to give us! If there is such a thing as a demonic delusion (and the Bible says there is), then certainly that’s one big way that Satan deludes our thinking and our priorities in order to steal our time away each day from what really matters!

Well, one great way I’ve found to invest more of my time in “reading” the Bible is to actually listen to it on my iPod while driving or working out. Listening to the Bible being read by someone else has been the primary way for hundreds of years for God’s people to receive God’s word. The idea of having your own Bible to read was something of a luxury for most of the years of Christianity before the invention of the printing press. So listening to the Bible is a perfectly legitimate way to invest in bringing more of the word of God into your mind, heart, and soul on a daily basis. Whether while on your way to work each day, or while working out.

No more excuses. Because now the ESV version of the Bible (the translation I use personally) is available online for download. This makes getting the Bible onto your iPod very easy. And you can even download the entire Gospel of John for free—a great way to try it out and see if you can get used to this kind of thing.

Here’s how to get started:
Click on ESV Hear the Word Audio Downloads—then, if you want to download and try out the free Gospel of John, click on that option. Important: you’ll need to know where your web browser automatically downloads your files. Mine does it to my Desktop; yours may download to your Downloads folder. If you’re going with the free Gospel of John option, after it’s downloaded, double click on the file icon that’s titled “” That will unpack the 21 chapters of John into a folder with 21 little mp3 files (the folder is titled “hw.john.64”). Go to your iTunes, click on File, then Add to Library, and then find where your “hw.john.64” folder is. Click on the top file, then select all the files, and click Open, and iTunes should add the files to your iTunes. Then make a Smart Playlist by clicking on File, New Smart Playlist, and then “Artist contains ESV Bible” (you start typing “ESV Bible” in the blank box on the right), then click “OK.” In your new Playlist, click on the “Name” bar at the top to sort the mp3 files by chapters in John. Sounds more complicated than it is. Just print this off and try it.

If you decide that you want to buy the entire New Testament, or the entire Bible, or other sub-modules, you can do that now or later (just be sure to delete your John mp3 files from your iTunes BEFORE you purchase the Bible, otherwise you’ll have duplicates). Prices are $14.99 for just the New Testament, $29.99 for the complete Bible, or $19.99 for just the Old Testament, or $4.99 for just Psalms and Proverbs, and $4.99 for just the Gospels. I would recommend the 64 KBps version as the best balance between file size and audio quality.

The ESV Hear the Word Bible is also available as a physical product: on 59 CDs ($99.99) or 7 MP3 CDs ($49.99).

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