Songs & Scenes: Sunday, August 17, 2014

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Songs and Scenes is a weekly blog review of songs, readings and prayers featured in The Crossing’s Sunday morning liturgy. Today’s liturgy review features photos by Nate Herndon. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs where available.

1. Call to Worship: Hebrews 4:15-16

Today, as we look to Jesus
the pioneer and perfector of our faith,
let us remember that our Lord is able
to sympathize with us in our weaknesses.
In every respect he was tempted, just as we are,
yet he did not sin.

Let us then approach
God’s throne of grace with confidence,
so that we may receive mercy
and find grace to help us in our time of need.

Sunday worship, August 17

2. Here I Am to Worship by Tim Hughes, Arrangement: The Crossing Music

King of all days, oh, so highly exalted,
glorious in heaven above,
humbly You came to the earth You created.
All for love’s sake became poor.

Here I am to worship, here I am to bow down,
here I am to say that You’re my God.
You’re altogether lovely, altogether worthy,
altogether wonderful to me.

Sunday worship, August 17

3. Reading: Romans 3:23-26

Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard. Yet God, with undeserved kindness, declares that we are righteous.

He did this through Christ Jesus when he freed us from the penalty for our sins. For God presented Jesus as the sacrifice for sin. People are made right with God when they believe that Jesus sacrificed his life, shedding his blood.

Sunday worship, August 17

4. Only Your Blood is Enough by Neil and Kate Robbins (based on Psalm 51, Part 2 by Isaac Watts)

I am ashamed, conceived in sin, I’ve always been.
Born in a world where Adam’s fall corrupts us.
Rooted is the seed of death in life’s first breath.
The law demands a perfect heart, but I’m defiled in every part.

For only Your blood is enough to cover my sin.
Only Your blood is enough to cover me.

Sunday worship, August 17

5. Call to Confession and Silent Confession: Romans 5:6 (adapted from “Christ-Centered Worship” by Bryan Chapell)

When we were utterly helpless, Christ came at just the right time and died for us sinners.

6. Words of Assurance: Hebrews 10:10 Heidelberg Catechism Q. and A. 56, and Isaiah 1:18a

We have been made holy
through the sacrifice of
the body of Jesus Christ once for all.

Because of Christ’s full atonement
God will never hold against me
any of my sins nor my sinful nature
which I need to struggle against all my life.
Instead, in his grace
God gives me the righteousness of Christ
to free me forever from judgement.

People of God, remember the good news of the Gospel.

“Though my sins are like scarlet,
In Christ, they are as white as snow.”


Sunday worship, August 17

7. Jesus Paid it All – Words: Elvina M. Hall (1865), Music: John T. Grape (1835-1915), Arrangement: Kings Kaleidoscope

I hear the Savior say,
“Thy strength indeed is small;
Child of weakness, watch and pray,
Find in Me thine all in all.”

Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe;
Sin had left a crimson stain,
He washed it white as snow.

Sunday worship, August 17

8. Communion Song: Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery by Matt Papa, Matt Boswell, and Michael Bleeker

Come behold the wondrous mystery
Slain by death the God of life
But no grave could e’er restrain Him
Praise the Lord; He is alive!

What a foretaste of deliverance
How unwavering our hope
Christ in power resurrected
As we will be when he comes

Sunday worship, August 17

9. Communion Song: The Mystery of Faith Words: Traditional english liturgy, Music: Scott Johnson and David Wilton

Christ has died,
Christ has risen,
Christ will come again.
Emmanuel, Emmanuel
Christ will come again.

Sunday worship, August 17

10. Communion Song: The Revelation of Jesus Christ by Cam Huxford

I saw a new heaven and a new earth,
for the first had passed away.
I saw a new city, Jerusalem;
a bride on her wedding day.

I heard a loud voice from the throne saying,
“look at the dwelling place of God.”
He will dwell with them, they will be his people,
and He will be their God.

Wipe away every tear from our eyes.
Death will be no more.

Music Team for August 17, 2014:

Andrew Camp: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Kristen Camp: vocals
David Cover: bass
Rhett Johnson: electric and acoustic guitars
Scott Johnson: worship leader, Rhodes, piano, acoustic guitar
Andrew Luley: drums and percussion
Christian Smith: vocals

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