Songs and Scenes from Sunday, October 21, 2012

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This morning, we were fortunate to have Loud Harp join us as guest music leaders. Loud Harp’s desire is, “to make music that explores and makes known the peace that Jesus gives. A peace that echoes loud in our hearts, louder than our doubts and fears.” To find more information about the band visit their website and or you can pick up their album at The Crossing’s bookstore.

Your Love Never Runs Out by Dave Wilton and Asher Seevinck

All my hope is, all my trust is,
all my hope is in you.
You’re good, so good.
Your love never runs out,
Your love never runs out.

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You Have Redeemed My Soul by Don and Lori Chafer

I was a hungry child, a dried up river.
I was a burned out forest
and no one could do anything for me.
But You put food in my body,
water in my dry bed,
and to my blackened branches
you brought the springtime green of new life
and nothing is impossible for you.

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You Found Me by Dave Wilton and Asher Seevinck

I have been wandering for years
looking for but not finding
a safe place to lay my head.
I have been stumbling in darkness
searching for a real love.

You found and you pulled me out.
You found and you pulled me out.
You found me and you brought me home

crossing worship_October 21, 2012__SPM3417.jpg

It’s You by Dave Wilton and Asher Seevinck

Son of man reach out your hand and touch my weary heart.
Son of man reach out your hand and heal my failing heart.
It’s you that I need.
It’s you that I need.

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On Solid Ground by Dave Wilton and Asher Seevinck

Jesus, Jesus
in you I’m hidden and I’m safe.
Jesus, Jesus
in you I live a life of praise.

crossing worship_October 21, 2012__SPM3411.jpg

Always With You by Dave Wilton and Asher Seevinck

Hush my love, do not fear
what may come or what will go
take it slow and you’ll know
I am with you always, always.

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Loud Harp:

Caleb Friese – drums
Asher Seevinck – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars
Samuel Semchuck – vocals, bass
David Wilton – vocals, electric guitar

with David Cover – electric guitar, percussion

crossing worship_October 21, 2012__SPM3299.jpg

Tech Team for October 21, 2012:

Kameron Bong – tech assistant
Kenton Binkholder – tech assistant
Mike Conant – sermon media
Jeff Fox – video engineer
Addison Hawkins – live stream audio
Chris Halsey – light board operator
Scott Jones – IMAG technical director
Darin Nichols – music media
Gerik Parmele – video/tech director
Ryan Stoll – camera
Chantel Wandel – live stream media
Jake Wandel – production manager, light designer
Ben Walton – camera
Tim Worstell – audio
Phil Vinyard – camera

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