Songs and Scenes from Sunday, January 22, 2012

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This week’s Songs and Scenes review features photos graciously provided by Scott Myers. You’ll find links in the song titles that will allow you to purchase recorded versions of the songs where available.

Worthy, You Are Worthy by Matt Redman and Chris Tomlin

Glory, I give glory
to the One who saved my soul.
You found me and You freed me
from the shame that was my own.
And I cannot begin to tell
how merciful You’ve been.
Oh Lord, my ears have heard of You,
now my eyes have seen.

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Holy (Jesus, You Are) by Jason Ingram, Matt Redman, Jonas Myrin

Your name alone has power to raise us.
Your light will shine when else fades.
Our eyes will look on Your glorious face,
shining like the sun? Who is like you God?

You are holy, holy, holy
God most high and God most worthy.
You are holy, holy, holy
Jesus, You are. Jesus, You are.

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Keith led us in a meditation based on Psalm 20:7, The Crossing’s scripture memory verse for the week.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses,
but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Crossing Worship_January 22, 2012__SPM5077.jpg

O Help My Unbelief Words: Isaac Watts, Music: Justin Smith

How sad our state by nature is!
our sin, how deep it stains!
and Satan binds our captive minds
Fast in his slavish chains.
But there’s a voice of sov’reign grace,
sounds from the sacred word:
“O, ye despairing sinners come,
and trust upon the Lord.”

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A Place For You by Christine Cover, Jake Wandel, Chris Binkley, Molly Cover and David A. Cover

Let your heart not be troubled,
trust in God and also in me.
Do not fear, My child,
I’ll come back for you, to take you home.
In My father’s house I’ve made a place for you
so that where I am you will be too.

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We viewed Dale Wilcox’s faith story. A video produced by Gerik Parmele, The Crossing’s Media Director.

How Long to Save by Patrick K. Miller and David A. Cover

This original song (based on Psalm 18) gave voice to our prayers of humble dependence on God’s mercy, strength and Sovereign hand in all things.

You are my Rock, my firm foundation;
apart from You I will fall.
You are my strength. my sure salvation!
I love You, Lord

Crossing Worship_January 22, 2012__SPM5190.jpg

Music Team for January 22, 2012:

David Cover – acoustic guitar, vocals
Sadie Currey – violin
Ashley Gross – vocals
Nick Havens – bass
Rhett Johnson – electric guitars
Scott Johnson – keyboards, vocals
Andrew Luley – drums

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