Sex, Family, and TV

I was browsing around this evening, and found an interesting article, one that I think is worth our attention. You can read the article here. (Note, the article contains some adult subject matter…so please be advised before you read) In the article, the assertion is made that television shows today depict sexual activity among unmarried people far more than among married people.

It’s an interesting thought. After all, I think it is quite true that we watch shows and imbibe messages that we don’t fully consider or analyze. When we act in this manner, somewhat out of laziness and ignorance, what message are we sending our children, our peers? For instance, have you ever thought about the state of the family on TV? Can you name one non-dysfunctional family portrayed? It’s rather hard. There was a time that Everybody Loves Raymond was a flagship for Christians, but have you ever actually listened carefully to the way that marriage functions? Yeah, it has very little sexual content, and in that way it is better than say, Grey’s Anatomy. But is their marriage the kind of thing we want to hold up for our kids?

So as you read the article (if you read the article) or as you watch TV, consider a few things. What are we watching today? Are we becoming desensitized to the language, topics, sexuality, and violence? What criteria are we using to determine what we are personally viewing or what we are allowing our children to view? If we disagree with something, how do we make that known? Should we boycot certain companies, networks, etc? Should we form organizations to campaign against such entities? Love to know your thoughts, so if you have some share them. This is something we need to consider, and as a church, we need to help each other form a biblical, informed view of such things.

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