Saturday Mission Spotlight: Overview

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis is the first installment of a new ESI feature—Saturday Missions Spotlight (SMS).

My goal is to shine a light on all God is doing through The Crossing’s missions and ministry partnerships—locally and around the world—including short-term teams. May we praise God for His great work of bringing people to Christ.

  • Hopefully, all of us will be stimulated to pray for those laboring to share Christ’s love.
  • Some of us may be led to join their support teams giving of our treasure toward God’s work.
  • Others may give of our time by writing an email to encourage their work.
  • Still others may be led to give of our talents by getting more personally involved in missions.

Partner spotlights will include information about:

  • Specific ministry partners and their families
  • Their sending agencies
  • Where they serve
  • How long they have been serving
  • The people they serve among
  • The challenges they face
  • Prayer requests
  • Contact information

Short-term team updates will include:

  • Dates of travel
  • Itinerary overview
  • Main activities
  • Team goals
  • Team demographics
  • Target populations
  • Team prayer requests

Book reviews will include:

  • Missiology (the study of mission methods and purposes)—these books will help grow our understanding of the types or styles of missions that are valued and supported by The Crossing.
  • Geopolitics and culture—these books will help us understand why some locations are more fertile for gospel work while others remain more difficult or dangerous.
  • Biography/autobiography—these stories of missionary lives will help us see how God works to bring Christ’s love to the nations.

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