Saturday Links

Here are some things I found interesting this week. The topics include: Television, gender neutrality, C.S Lewis, sports lessons, scenic beauty, Facebook, and Matt Holliday….enjoy.

John Piper on Television
– Don’t read this as my personal recommendation (or most definitely not The Crossing’s recommendation) for how you should never watch television. But if you’re like me at all, you need to be balanced every once in a while. I’m way more prone to watching, listening to, and participating in things I shouldn’t than being legalistic and steering clear of things. So, I need to read things like this every once in a while.

Raising Your Kid Gender Neutral? – I don’t know what to say. There’s something to gender roles and forcing people into them (a small something, in my opinion). But this makes me want to cry.

C.S. Lewis…reading C.S. Lewis – Sort of. Actually listen to Lewis’ old radio addresses. Warning: it may not match the voice you’ve heard in your head. So if you cherish your make-believe Lewis voice, you may want to skip this one.
HT: Justin Taylor

Sports, Sons, and Life Lessons – A short description of one father’s thoughts regarding a son’s baseball game and Tom Watson’s near miss last weekend.

Newsworthy Facebook Item – I love Facebook. There I said it. But a new danger has emerged. Apparently, some people’s default mode for who can see their photos/posts/messages will now be set so that the world can see all of that. The default used to be “friends only,” but apparently that has changed. So, double check your settings to make sure they’re how you want them to be.

Scenery – If you’re near any of these places this summer or fall, you might think about stopping by. For me, there’s not much better than natural beauty.

For Cards Fans Only – If you’re Nathan Tiemeyer, you have no reason to read this, it’s not good for your soul. And if you’re Shay Roush, you’re probably mad that the Cards gave Holliday number 15, erasing all hope that we’ll resign Jim Edmonds.
Matt Holliday’s a Cardinal…at least for a few months. A quick breakdown of what we can expect from Holliday long term.

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