Rio: Watch & Pray


As you enjoy watching the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, pray for:

  • Christian Olympic and Paralympic athletes from around the world to be propelled by grace to use the platform of sport wisely and boldly to bring honor to Christ and encourage faith in others both during The Games and afterwards.
  • God to open the eyes and ears of Brazilians to hear and believe the true gospel. Most Brazilians only hear of Jesus in a superficial way as a part of culture and traditional religion or they are being influenced by the growing health and wealth (un)gospel.
  • God to open the hearts of people from all over the world to receive the gospel through the outreach efforts taking place in Rio, especially those from closed countries whose only chance to hear the gospel might be during their time in Rio.
  • God to grow the church around the world by raising up indigenous leaders, especially among unreached people groups who need the gospel and bible brought to them in their own languages.
  • God to strengthen and encourage the work of missionaries and bible translators who labor to reach God’s people with the good news of salvation in Jesus.
  • God to sustain and protect Christians around the world who face persecution for their faith.

Here’s some info about the outreach efforts in Rio from Ligonier Ministries:


Photo Source:



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