Reviews Of The Shack

Maybe you’ve noticed The Shack is now showing at theaters in Columbia. You might not know that the movie is based on a rather controversial book by the same title that was released in 2008. The controversy centered around the book’s portrayal of the Trinity, the nature of God, the authority of the Scriptures, and universalism (everyone will be in heaven).

I’m sure that many people (or their kids) who attend The Crossing will see the film. That’s fine. I’m not one to boycott books or movies. But neither am I naive enough to believe that stories like this one don’t affect how we think. If you’re going to see the film or read the book, you’ll want to do so discerningly.

I’ve included a few links to reviews to help you think through the theology of The Shack.


1. Luke Miedema and Andy Patton teamed up to write this review back when both worked at The Crossing. 

2. Tim Keller posted some impressions of the book on The Gospel Coalition. 

3. Albert Mohler, president of Southern Seminary, posted a longer review on his website.

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