Rescue Innocence: Freeing Modern-day Slaves

Rescue Innocence raises awareness about human trafficking while diligently working to help victims of modern-day slavery. Rescue Innocence advocates for victims and strives to help survivors heal and thrive. They also work to meet the needs of the homeless and other people facing victimization in Columbia, MO.

In addition to receiving support from The Crossing, Rescue Innocence alos partners with Love INC and other organizations to meet the practical needs of victims by arranging for housing, clothing and life skills.

Rescue Innocence volunteer teams also reach out to help men coming out of prison and other offenders they meet during their outreach encounters.

Ways you can get involved:

  • Pray:
    • For the victims to be sustained and made ready
    • For the volunteers to be courageous and wise
    • For God’s right timing of encounters and rescue efforts
    • For God to open the doors for spiritual and physical freedom
  • Volunteer: For details contact Brent Messimer: [email protected]
  • Spread the word: Book a Rescue Innocence speaker by contacting Brent at the email above.
    • Rescue Innocence speakers teach about modern-day slavery at:
      • conferences
      • camps
      • retreats
      • churches
      • youth groups
      • schools
      • and more
    • Included in their presentations are:
      • How prevalent is modern-day slavery?
      • What does modern-day slavery look like?
      • How can someone stay safe?
      • How can someone make a difference?

Listen to the Rescue Innocence Story:


In their own words: quoted from

Brent with Moberly HS FCA students during a speaking event.

Our Mission:
We seek to end human trafficking on a global scale by educating others about this modern-day slavery, creating a community amongst abolitionists, and offering a safe place for victims to receive unconditional love, hope and Christ-centered counseling. Rescue Innocence was launched officially on May 31, 2012 and has spent years now combating the sex-trade through partnerships with other organizations.

Our Work In Columbia, MO:

Rescue Innocence helps people living on the streets and those forced to work them. Columbia has a large homeless population and over 300 women on record as prostitutes. Very few people are interviewed to see if they are working in the sex industry by choice.

There are strip clubs that go unchecked and hotels that are used regularly as a meeting place for escorts and traffickers to bring their victims. Rescue Innocence meets these women were they are and our goal is to help them escape, get to a safe house, or take long-term steps to freedom through life coaching.

Brent teaches a class on human trafficking at Central Christian College of the Bible.

More Details about Sexual Slavery:

We have found that many victims of sexual slavery are homeless and so our ministry focus has grown over the years. Often victims of slavery are right in front of our eyes and we would never know without reaching out to them. Often females and even males are made to give their bodies in return for food or a warm place to sleep. We have helped many of these individuals to find permanent homes, jobs, and resources available for financial assistance and meals. We provide life coaching to apply for housing assistance, write resumes, learn budgeting, gain job interview training, and much more.

It all begins with handing out “survival packs” which consist of food, hygiene products, warm clothing, a devotional book, and information about human trafficking and the possibility of freedom. Having something to offer allows us to walk up to pimps and their victims forced to prostitute. Barriers break down when you give a pimp a coat and something to eat, which in turn allows us to visit with the women. We have helped a number of women this way and we even invited a pimp to church recently, knowing that if God changes the heart there is hope even for the worst kind of person.

I-MO Church Camp volunteers. Brent served as their camp missionary last summer.

The ART of Rescue
Our aim is not to simply manage the symptoms of Human Trafficking, but to get to the heart of the problem. At the heart of Human Trafficking, there are real people in need of redemption. Our focus is on the people affected by Human Trafficking.

  • Accept: We accept victims in their brokenness just as Christ accepted ours.
    • The LORD is close to the brokenhearted; He Rescues those whose spirits are crushed – Psalm 34:18
  • Restore: Working to rebuild that which was broken and replacing hopelessness with unconditional love and support.
    • My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever – Psalm 73:26
  • Thrive: Equipped survivors have new opportunities to flourish in society as whole, healthy and self-reliant individuals.
    • Let your roots grow down into Christ and let your lives be built on Him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth – Colossians 2:7

Struggles Faced:

Many of Rescue Innocence’s clients are following in the footsteps of a parent. Their past examples have been poor and they struggle to break from this cycle. Drug addiction, spiritual oppression and abusers make for a dangerous recipe of victimization.

Timing is also often a struggle. Rescue Innocence volunteers have a narrow window of opportunity where an enslaved person can be freed from their captor so timing is everything.

When it comes to the homeless, wisdom about timing is also important. A homeless person may consider themselves comfortable where they are or they may be ready to work toward graduating from the streets.

More about The Messimers:
Brent says Nicki Messimer is the organized one in their family. She sets up outreach events, organizes donations, and manages all their social media.

The Messimers have enduring ties to The Crossing. During their engagement, Brent was introduced to our pastors by a Crossing member who was volunteering at Rescue Innocence. Initially, Brent met with our pastors to answer questions about Rescue Innocence in hopes that The Crossing would support him as a missionary. Brent was impressed with the pastors’ thorough approach and was so encouraged by his meeting that he and Nicki soon visited for Sunday worship. They made The Crossing their church home until Brent accepted a position as youth pastor with Blue Ridge Christian Church. They still visit The Crossing with their son, Blake, whenever they can and say it feels like coming home.

In addition to his ministry through Rescue Innocence, Brent is also the Director of Evangelism with Uganda NOW Outreach. Watch ESI for an upcoming Mission Spotlight about Uganda NOW Outreach and how their work adds a global emphasis to the local work of Rescue Innocence.

Sources: and email interview with Brent Messimer

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