Reasons Why I’m Glad Barack Obama Was Elected President*

(*Disclaimer: This blog entry is merely my observations and opinions, at this time in my life, and at this point in our nation’s history, and not the authoritative teaching from the timeless truths of the Word of God.)

Now that the election is over, and people’s tensions and emotions have either calmed down or been lifted or redirected to other things, I’d like to admit that there is a large part of me that is glad Barack Obama was elected yesterday as our nation’s 44th president. While it’s no secret to the readers of this blog that I felt bound by the Bible and my conscience not to vote for a candidate who stated that his plan was to expand abortion rights and illegalize abortion restrictions by signing the Freedom of Choice Act (see my previous blog entries of Oct 22 and 29), now that he’s been elected, there ARE some things to be glad about his presidency. No one knows the future and whether or not an election will be ultimately a positive or negative thing, but at this point I’m cautiously optimistic about some real possibilities with a President Obama.

Some reasons I’m glad Barack Obama is our next president:

1. I’m proud that our nation has elected a black person to our highest position of honor and responsibility and leadership. Since the 1600’s, our history is a wretched and shameful one in our attitude and actions toward people of color. They have been viewed and treated as second-class citizens, or worse, but now our nation’s First Family is an African-American family! That’s a truly wonderful and good thing. It was just over forty years ago that blacks could not drink from certain “whites only” drinking fountains, or use “whites only” toilets, elevators, or seats on the bus, or enter “whites only” movie theaters or restaurants. And this was not only the shame of the south, but I also remember being so shocked and confused as a kid one day when my great aunt, who lived in Ohio all her life, said she would not eat chocolates I gave her because I had purchased them from a black person (that was not the term she used). And now a black person holds our nation’s most honored position of power. I’m proud about that. It makes me choke up with tears even as I write this.

2. I’m hopeful that our nation will have a better image and voice on the global scale again. For right or wrong, fair or unfair, President Bush had lost his global voice and credibility to lead, particularly at a time when global leadership is crucial. And I DO think that Barack Obama will have the kind of intelligence, prudence, and diplomatic winsomeness that is desperately needed right now. In my opinion (just my opinion), he will be much better at this than John McCain would have been.

3. I’m hopeful about truly finding an alternative source of renewable energy. This is clearly one of our nation’s and world’s greatest needs and challenges right now. Our dependence upon oil is a national security issue as well as a continued investment in our environmental peril. I lived in southern California for a year back in the early 1990’s, and the air pollution was so bad that everyday seemed like I was living and raising my family right behind the exhaust pipe of an old bus. I am excited about the likelihood that President Barack Obama will follow the idea of Thomas Friedman in his excellent book entitled “The World Is Flat.” He called for our president to lead in the commitment of the United States to solve this issue with the same intensity and spending and urgent dedication as John F. Kennedy did with the space program. Just as JFK announced and committed our nation’s best resources to “send a man to the moon and bring him safely back to earth by the end of this decade,” so too Barack Obama should lead with the urgent dedication of our nation’s best resources to invent and develop a renewable source of energy by the end of the next decade (or something like that). I don’t think John McCain would have led in that commitment to the degree that Barack Obama will. And solving this serous need will require that kind of presidential commitment.

4. I DO think that Barack Obama will invest much more in higher education and scientific research than John McCain was committed to doing. And this is a significant national investment that we cannot afford to fall behind in any longer.

5. I don’t have to listen to the often wrong but never in doubt yet mostly uninformed professional amateurs in the entertainment industry whine and protest anymore. Their beloved politicians completely control the House, the Senate, and now the Presidency. So I sooo look forward to not having to listen to the likes of Madonna or Lindsay Lohan or Alec Baldwin or Matt Damon or the latest or oldest rock stars so unintelligently slander our nation’s leader for a while. They ARE all gifted and fantastic entertainers, but poor guides for a nation’s conscience. So not having to constantly see them pontificating is something to be truly excited about now that Barack Obama has been elected as president.

OK, I probably shouldn’t have listed that last one. But it IS something I’m truly glad about after the election. Just being honest. Probably too honest. I like Lindsay Lohan, by the way. Madonna not so much. She does have a couple good songs. Personal preferences. Back off.

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