Racial Reconciliation: Perspectives from Kenya

Sunday Nov 5th:

We are excited to host missionaries, Joe & Elfi Muutuki. They serve in Nairobi, Kenya, a diverse and challenging city where they share the love of Christ and seek gospel-centered racial reconciliation. Joe is senior pastor at New City Fellowship, a church with longstanding ties to The Crossing. He also leads the Kenya Advisors, the council that monitors all of our Kenya Projects. Elfi leads women’s ministry.

Meet & Greet Between Services: Stop by their table in the lobby to extend a warm welcome and find out more about their work.

Racial Reconciliation: Perspectives from Kenya:

  • 11 am Service: Room 319 in the student Center

In addition to over 20 years of ministry among unreached people groups in Nairobi, Joe & Elfi have modeled racial reconciliation through their 36 year multicultural and multilingual marriage. They have lived, parented, studied and ministered on 3 continents. Join us as they share the joys and struggles of pursuing racial reconciliation in such diverse and challenging contexts.

Pray for Kenya to find a way through to peaceful resolution of their presidential election process. They are still awaiting the certification of the election re-run results from Thursday of this week, after their earlier election in August was nullified by their Supreme Court. The election re-run this week was boycotted by the opposition party while violent clashes and intimidation in opposition territories kept polling stations closed or unreachable. About 33% of voters cast ballots in the re-run compared to 80% in the original August election. There are still riots and street violence in some locations which threaten to escalate. Amidst the insecurity, Supreme Court Justices and election officials have been targets of violence and intimidation. The Kenyan Supreme Court failed to meet the mandate for a quorum earlier this week and any attempt to certify the election may further increase the rioting and violence, leaving the country without a clear path toward peace.

Kenya Election Clashes LA Times

Most Kenyans do not want violence and have pledged to seek peace.

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