Racefield News: Prayers and Progress

News from Racefield School:

Nov 27th:

Thank you so much for your continued prayers. The KCPE exercise [national testing for 8th graders] ended successfully, we are now thanking God for the wonderful results. The results came out and we managed to score the highest 393 marks and the lowest 352 marks with a m/s of 375.13 [out of 500.] This was an excellent performance, we were ranked 2nd in our entire county, and position 1 in Mwingi large [area], thanks again for your prayers and the Crossing Church. Our son Mark was among them and he scored 388 marks out of 500, this will get him a good national school. Peter our 1st born will also be doing his 2nd year in college next year.
Kindly continue praying for us, because it has also been confirmed by our government that the new curriculum of education will start rolling from January next year which requires us to have the facility for the junior secondary school that is class 7, 8 , & 9. Failure to which the school will end at grade 6 and parents will b required to transfer their children to schools which can cater for those classes. It’s a big challenge to us among other needs but we keep trusting God.
The solar system and the computers are perfectly working, thank you so much for your partnership, love and concern towards this ministry, God bless you all.
Give our best regards to The Crossing Church.
Yours in the service of the little ones.
For Racefield children’s Ministry.
Sammy & Felistus

Dec 10th:
We are thankful to God for His faithfulness, as we trust him you are doing well. Thank you so much for your continued prayers for this ministry. Every one is very happy for the school posting excellent performance and we are giving all the glory to God. We again kindly and humbly ask you to continue praying for the two major needs which are really pressing and challenging us greatly;
1. As the new system of education starts rolling in January we are required to have build the three classes…We have tried all we could but we only managed to erect the walls of the first floor, for class 7, lacking the slab, 2nd and 3rd floor. We are building these classes on top of the computer lab as we had set it to carry three floors, We are sending you the photos of the construction.
2. The other item of prayer is school transport, this has really been a great challenge to our performing school, now that we have emerged the winner, we are expected to travel many places with pupils for prize giving days and academic tours and clinics, so most of the times we miss these important events and hiring transport is very expensive.
God has been faithful in answering our prayers, kindly continue praying for God’s provisions that He will meet our needs for these young ones.
The school has become the pride of the community, and the two prayer items achieved will crown it’s beauty as we have maintained it’s integrity and reputation in academic Excellency and Christian values.
Thank you, Crossing Church, and all the well wishers for being part of Racefield Ministry for the little ones.
May God bless and keep showering ¬†you with his grace. Wishing God’s blessings. For Racefield Children.
Sammy & Felistus.

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