Racefield School in Kenya: Update

Since 2006, The Crossing has supported special projects at Racefield School which is located in a very drought-prone and impoverished area of Kenya near Mwingi town. The school takes in paying boarding students while also providing education for at-risk orphans and vulnerable children. Despite the poverty of their situation, Racefield remains commited to educational excellence and their students have brought home high honors for their district for many years running. Christine Simon & Windy Shull visited the school a couple of summers ago and brought them greetings from our congregation and returned with many stories and photos.

Racefield c2006: No doors or windows, no electric and only rainwater collection.

In the past decade, we have helped Racefield with many projects including: drip irrigation systems, solar electric installations, textbook procurement, book shipment for a library, building and equipment for a computer room, food relief during a season of famine, building materials and supplies for a dormitory, a Christmas gift of a milk cow, a hen & egg project, and USAID Rice & Beans procurement for a nutritional enrichment program to name a few.

Drip irrigation allows Racefield to grow their own vegetables in an arid landscape.

Gardening together teaches vital life lessons to Racefield students.

This food relief provided by The Crossing in a time of severe drought and famine in the Racefield area.

This computer classroom was provided with funds donated by Crossing members and helped Racefield comply with new government regulations.

This milking cow and the calf she birthed were both a gift from Crossing Kids to the students at Racefield.

Prior to getting their bore hole dug and pump installed with the help of Crossing member donors, Racefield students had to haul murky water to supply all their needs from the almost dry river bed.

Prayer Request: Solar Water Pump:

We found out just this week that Racefield is facing great difficulty due to the cost of petrol (gasoline) needed to run their generator for the well-water pump. Without it, they will have to close the school until they can find a way to supply water to the students for drinking, cooking and bathing. They are also dependent on well water for growing all their vegetables by drip irrigation and for  their animals which provide eggs and milk to supply vital protein for the students. The prices of fuel have been driven very high by unrest, strikes and protests related to stiff taxation of the petrol industry by government.

Racefield asks us to join them in praying for a solar pumping system. Pray with us as we seek a way to help them get a solar system installed ASAP.

New Classroom Photos and Thank You Letter:

At the end of 2017, funds were given by members of The Crossing to help expand Racefield’s classrooms. Below is a letter of thanks with photos of the new classroom.

Dear Crossing Church–

It’s a while since we communicated and we are trusting God all is well with you.
We are very thankful to God for the support you gave us, we chose to put it in the construction as to rescue pupils from transferring from our school to other schools because parents here wish to keep their children where the system of new education [recently required by the Kenyan government] is initiated, as the schools who had no plans to accommodate the new system have suffered losing pupils to other schools, we also received some [new students.]
We only managed two floors on top of the computer lab, we couldn’t manage the third floor due to lack of funds, to complete the second floor we used the amount you supported us with and again negotiated with the hardware owner where we normally purchase building materials and he agreed to loan us the balance of the building materials as to complete the two floors and agreed with him we will be paying him little by little.
Thank God with us, He has blessed us with plenty of rain [in early 2018], though people underestimated it and failed to plant enough thinking as usual it will not be enough, but those who planted will get a good harvest, and we are trusting God after harvest the food prices will go down because up to now prices are still high.
We have left our the third class which will be needed later and we plan to relocate it to cut down the costs. We are grateful for the help you offered, the building looks very nice as you will see in the photos. The Crossing Church you have been of very great help to this Children’s Ministry, May our loving God bless you mightily.
Please continue praying, for our only other biggest challenge has remained the school transport, we have been locked out in so many events because of lack of transport in our school…God is faithful and we are trusting He is able to meet all our needs, humbly pray for the provision of the balance.
Attached please find the photos of the new building which we have first allocated to grade 6 & 7, previous 6 & 7 classes are being used by two classes of grade 8 for effective learning as they await the KCPE [nationally standardized test similar to ACT] end of the year.
Thank you to The Crossing Church for your position in this Ministry.
Give our regards to the Church & The Crossing Kids Sunday school.
Wishing you God’s blessings.
For Racefield Children.
Sammy & Felistus

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