PSA: The Gospel Coalition Podcast & Gospel-Motivated Hospitality

TGC_Podcast_Wide_(gray_version)Are you a podcast listener? Once an obscure means of reaching people with information, podcasts have risen in popularity the past few years. If you’re anything like me, you subscribe to more than a few that you might listen to while working out, doing the dishes, driving to work, or mowing the lawn. A way to “redeem the time” and maybe make some of those more mundane tasks more bearable. Browse the iTunes podcast store and you’ll be overwhelmed with choices, from the comedic to the informational. 

I wanted to make you aware of a fairly recent podcast that I’ve been listening to: The Gospel Coalition podcast. Sometimes I need reminders throughout my day of the truths of God’s Word, Christianity’s engagement with our world, and even just some encouragement in my walk with God. Topics range from marriage to theology to practical, everyday living, all done by great speakers and authors.

Today I listened to one titled “Gospel-Motivated Hospitality.” It was a short, 15 minute roundtable discussion on practical ways to winsomely invite people into the family of God by hosting them in your home. Hear Rosaria Butterfield, a former lesbian, tenured professor of English at Syracuse University and author of Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert talk about how being invited into a Christian home was the first step to her conversion to Christianity and to understanding the truths of the gospel.

Subscribe to the podcast or browse the topics here, and find something that’s worth a few minutes of your time.

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