Preparing Your Preschooler for Christmas: Week Three

Children learn, grow and are shaped more in the first five years of life than any other time! What a wonderful opportunity we have as parents to hide the amazing, life-changing Christmas story in their little hearts this time of year. Although, I’ve listed ideas for teaching the story of The Wise Men below, feel free to start with some of the ideas for your family in these previous posts: The Birth of Jesus and The Shepherds. Our family tries to read the story and do an activity several times a week.

Read the story of the Wise Men to your child:

Matthew 2:1-12 (paraphrase in your own words)
– “The Wise Men” in The Rhyme Bible (p. 250)
– “The King of all kings” in The Jesus Storybook Bible (p. 192) (best for older preschoolers)

Reinforcement and Application Activities:

– Hide baby Jesus somewhere in your house. Take a shiny star or ball ornament off of your Christmas tree to be the “star” that the Wise Men followed to find Jesus. Have your preschooler carry the Wise Men and have them follow the star (that you will carry to baby Jesus) until they find Jesus. Switch roles and let your preschooler guide the Wise Men with the star.

– Color or water color paint a coloring sheet of the Wise Men while discussing the story.

– Find three different gifts around your house that the Wise Men can give to King Jesus. (We used a Little People treasure chest, a coin, and a scented candle to represent the different gifts.) Reenact this part of the story. Talk about how the Wise Men wanted to worship and show their love for King Jesus by giving him wonderful gifts.

– Explain that when we give gifts to others (like the Wise Men did to Jesus), we are worshiping and showing our love for Jesus. Think of a way to help your child learn to give to those in need this Christmas. Some ideas:
o Pick out an animal from the World Vision catalogue to purchase and give to someone in a impoverished country.
o Have him/her give some money to Salvation Army at the grocery store.
o Make food or cookies for an elderly neighbor.

Next Sunday, I’ll post our final week of activities for preparing your preschooler for Christmas. We will review all three parts of the story: 1) The Birth of Jesus, 2) The Angels and the Shepherds, and 3) The Wise Men.


*Originally posted on Dec. 13, 2009

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