Praying for Our Kids (Part 2)

Here are some of the ideas I received from parents in our church about praying for their kids.

Over and over again, I have gotten ringing endorsements for the book Praying the Bible for Your Children by David and Heather Kopp. Christine Simon said, “I’ve used several of the devotionals for my kids since they are about things they are dealing with every day and about character I want to see in them.” Another mom explained, “(The book) has gobs of individual things you can pray about for your child (i.e. bad company, keeping them safe from fear, obedience, etc.)….I really like that it gives great guidance for specific things our kids will face.” We’ve got several copies of it in our bookstore, if you’re interested.

Several parents shared about when they pray with their kids and what they pray about.

One dad of four kids wrote, “(My wife) and I pray with the boys each day when we drop them off at (elementary) school. (We) just pray over their days with them. I do it right there in the hallway outside their classroom. I hold on to their shoulders and we both bow our heads. Not to embarrass them, but to: 1) show them that it doesn’t matter where we are, we can pray to our Father; 2) teach them that I am not afraid to show others that we have faith; 3) It’s just a really good way to make sure the kids know that their faith goes with them throughout the day and doesn’t stop at the school doors.”

A mom of three shared: “(My husband and I) are trying to pray for their short term needs (i.e. health, friends at preschool, etc), but more importantly things of eternal significance — that Jesus would give them a heart to follow him, that they would grow to be men of character, honor, integrity, etc. We’re also praying for their wives. Sometimes we pray with (our four-year-old) about that and sometimes just (my husband and I) pray about it before we go to bed.”

Bissy Crosby, mom of three (ages 19, 17, and 10) recalled: “On Sunday evenings we usually all got on our big bed and would talk about the upcoming week and everyone would give a prayer request for the week. After that we would take turns praying for each request. (Our 17-year-old daughter) has said several times that her favorite memories were ‘climbing on mom and dad’s bed Sunday night and wrestling and then praying together.'”

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