Prayer for the World: Sex Trade in Afghanistan

During Kids Club two weeks ago, we focused on God’s love for the people of the world. It’s so much easier for me to think about and pray for myself or those I’m around regularly. But, I often forget about or don’t take the time to pray for those around the globe who are suffering or who don’t know Christ. Kids Club week served as a great reminder to me about the importance of prayer for the world.

With that in mind, I ran across this eye-opening and heart-breaking article about the sex trade in Afghanistan. Please be aware that there are some graphic, but I believe necessary, details in this story. Reading something like this not only makes me incredibly thankful for God’s undeserved grace in my own life, but it makes me want to plead to Him on behalf these women. I really have no idea how I can tangibly help people in these situations, but I know that the all-powerful God who loves the people of the world can. He can work to move in the hearts of their families, community, and the Afghan government, and He can bring healing and hope into their lives. If you get a few minutes, please read this article and pray for the young women who are trapped in the sex trade in Afghanistan.

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