Prayer for Missionaries & Those in Need


Father God, as we enjoy Thanksgiving weekend and kick off the Holiday Season, we praise you and thank you for the provision and blessings you have given.

We pray for missionaries who live far from their families in order to serve others with your love. Comfort them when they ache with longing and miss their families during the Holidays. Help them share the story of Thanksgiving in ways that open many hearts to the good news of Christ’s love and grace. We know many missionaries live in places of great struggle and danger. Be with them. Keep them safe. Pour out your grace. Grow their faith. Help them persevere. Grant them joy.

We pray for our neighbors and our wider community, and for people all around the world who are grieving loss, who are suffering, who are enduring poverty or illness or violence. We ask for your abundant provision. We pray they will have ears open to hearing the gospel, eyes made able to see your great love, and hearts transformed by receiving Christ. And, we pray you will give them strength and hope and even joy in the midst of such great need and struggle.

We pray also for ourselves. We need you. Only you can redeem us and remake us so that we are able to run well the race you have set before us. Grant us abundant provision and grace. Grow our faith and perseverance through the struggles we face. Open our eyes so we see your great glory and know the overwhelming joy and hope that is found only in Jesus.

We ask all these things in his name. Amen.

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