Pray for Bible Translation in Zambia…and Beyond

The Crossing supports Bible translation around the globe through SIL International and other organizations. Being the kind of church that is “moving hearts and minds of more people to believe that Jesus Is More“ isn’t just something we value for our community, it is something we support through generous and purposeful missions giving.
For instance, Emese Ferreira and her husband Riaan are directly supported in their translation work by The Crossing. She is currently spending 3 weeks in Lusaka, Zambia where she and the Nkangala team are checking the translation of Luke. This is the very first translation of a gospel book into the Nkangala language. The letters below detail their work and prayer requests.
Dear all,
Emese has been in Zambia since last week Saturday, 8 September.
She is working with the Nkangala translation team checking and editing Luke. Earlier this year she successfully completed Ephesians with the team which was the first portion of the Bible checked in their language. They are currently testing a trial print in the community.
Translation checking is a very intensive process and we ask that you please pray for wisdom, concentration and leading by the Holy Spirit. We would also appreciate your prayers for protection on the various journeys, good health for everyone in the team, protection against any spiritual attacks and any other prayers that God lays on your heart.
The team has drafted more than half of the New Testament and everything needs to be checked and tested in the community before a final printed version can be used.
Emese was going to be with the team for 2 weeks but after completing the first week it was decided that they need an extra week to complete the book of Luke.
Please stand with us in prayer for this translation process and the Nkangala language group.
Thank you for your support.
With grateful hearts
Riaan & Emese
Friday Night:
Emese and the Nkangala translation team will be working a full day tomorrow, Saturday 15 September, to be able to complete the checking and editing of Luke.
As mentioned this is a very intensive process requiring a great deal of concentration and wisdom from God. And now they cannot take a complete break over the weekend to rest. The translation team is also doing additional work in the evenings. Please pray for this team in Lusaka, Zambia.
The team lives in Kaomo which is 9-10 hours with the bus.
Please also pray for their family and friends in their home town who they are not able to see during these 3 weeks.
With grateful hearts for this ministry in the Kingdom of God.
Riaan & Emese
Please keep not only Emese and the Nkangala Team in prayer, but also pray for all those doing the hard and often dangerous work of Bible translation:
  • Pray for God’s grace and Spirit to guide their work.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to give them wisdom and energy.
  • Pray for the Holy Spirit to enable them to focus and stay free of distraction.
  • Pray for God to ensure their translation is robust and without substantive error.
  • Pray for people groups who are waiting to receive their very first gospel translation in their heart-language.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit is already at work in their lives and drawing them deeper into faith.
  • Pray that having the Gospel of Luke in their own language will cause them to know Jesus is more.
Over a decade ago, Emese Ferreira became connected to The Crossing through members who were living and serving in Kenya where she was studying for a Masters of Arts in Biblical Translation. She and her husband, Riaan, are now based in South Africa. To read more about the work they do, check out this post from the ESI Archive:
For more details about our giving check out this post from May 2018:

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