Postmodernism and Christianity (Part 11)

For those who’ve kept up this far and want to hear a little bit more about postmodern Christianity and one of its present day incarnations, the Emergent Church, I recommend lectures from two people.

1. Mark Driscoll, pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle, gave a talk about the Emergent church at the convergent conference. In the Q&A he said that he had been planning on giving an entirely different talk coming into the conference, but after a talk with some of the people in the seminary he switched to this one. He also said that this was a talk he had been waiting several years to give because he felt he could not give it with the proper tone (without getting angry and saying things that he’ll regret) until now. Whatever your stance on the Emergent church Driscoll’s words have to be heard. He is an insider in both the worlds of Evangelical Christianity and the Emergent church, and he has a very interesting story, which he relates in this talk. Listen.

2. Darrin Patrick, pastor of The Journey in St. Louis, gave a series of lectures on the Emergent church at Covenant Seminary this fall which act as a companion to the Driscoll talk. Patrick gives a comprehensive analysis of the history of the Emergent church as well as his thoughts on its strengths and weaknesses. To listen to the lectures click here then search for “Emergent” under the topic category.

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