POF: Does Christian Faith Equal Blind Faith?

This month’s Point of Focus touches on whether exercising faith means checking your critical thinking at the door:


  1. Jack Bragg said:

    Nice job Nathan. Very good explanation from the Scriptures describing the true nature of faith. From the realms of philosophy, science and history there are two books (among many) by Christian philosophers that give further great reasons to believe. “Reasonable Faith, Christian Truth and Apologetics”, Crossway publishers, third edition by William Lane Craig and “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist”, Crossway publishers, by Norman L. Geisler and Frank Turek are excellent. Geisler and Turek cover a great deal of ground from the nature of truth, the arguments for the existence of God, miracles, the historical reliability of the New Testament, how science and the faith support each other and other topics. They demonstrate quite well how Christianity is the best explanation for reality and the world as we know it and why it takes more faith to not believe in God than to believe.

    Craig’s book is a bit more technical and deals more with the philosophical underpinnings of the faith but also shows how history is our ally in apologetics and shows why belief in the resurrection of Christ is more reasonable than not believing. (There are no good alternative theories of what happened.) His discussion of miracles and the self-understanding of Jesus provide even more reasons to believe.

    As you amply demonstrated regarding the Scriptural knowledge that grounds our faith in the video, the knowledge we have from all fields of study supports belief in God and these two books are clear examples that I highly recommend.

    Jack Bragg

  2. You should check out this debate on what “faith” is between atheist Peter Boghossian and Christian Timothy McGrew. Definitely worth it. I think McGrew does quite well.


    The link may not start at the beginning for some reason…

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