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ACCE Juan 3:16 is a new ministry partner of The Crossing located in Yungay, Peru. ACCE Juan 3:16 translates to John 3:16 Christian Cultural Educational Association.

“ACCE Juan 3:16 desires to transform a community through the power of the Gospel.

Our mission is to provide each child with the tools they need to develop physically, spiritually and mentally; and to walk with each family in an effort to break the cycle of spiritual and financial generational poverty within the community.”


Yungay, Peru sits at the base of the tallest mountain peak in the Andes mountains in Peru – a 10-hour bus ride northeast of Lima, Peru. The kids reached by Juan 3:16 are from homes where cycles of abuse, neglect, and poverty result in malnutrition, lack of education and loss of hope. Helping kids and families to address these struggles and their long-term effects through the gospel is a core value of Juan 3:16.

Juan 3:16 is a ministry similar to Granny’s House here in Columbia, MO. They currently minister to about 35 children through a daily after school program where the kids are fed lunch, helped with homework, and taught Bible lessons.


“For God’s glory, we seek to be a leading program in comprehensive care for at-risk children and their families. We strive to help individuals develop a solid base of Christian truths and values while seeking family restoration by establishing healthy homes with a Christ-based center.”


“Comprehensive and personalized care for children and their families in Peru by:

  • Building strong, healthy personal relationships with the children and their families.
  • Providing for physical needs through weekday meals.
  • Assisting with educational needs through tutoring/
  • Encouraging spiritual growth through Bible study, devotions, Scripture memorization & song.”


“To reclaim the family for God’s glory and to ensure that it is equipped to be a contributing part of the community. To build an understanding that Christ bought us with the sacrifice of His own body; therefore, we are to glorify God with our lives physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and socially. (1 Corinthians 6:19-20)”

Full time Missionary Staff:

Angel and Rosa Montesinos and their two children, Jusephi and Alexia, serve in the ministry of Juan 3:16 and at the church-plant in Yungay. Angel serves as the Lay Pastor of the only non-Catholic church in their region of Peru. In addition to services on Sundays, the church runs a children’s program every Saturday afternoon, a mid-week prayer meeting, as well as, youth and women’s Bible studies.

In addition to the 35 kids enrolled in the daily program at Juan 3:16, Angel and Rosa also have 13 abandoned boys (aged 10 to 20) that they are helping to raise and send to college who live still with them.

The biggest struggle faced by Juan 3:16 is raising enough funding to fully support the ongoing practical needs of the ministry which include:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Support staff wages-
    • cook
    • psychologist
    • tutors


ACCE Juan 3:16 is an independent NGO started in April 2017. However, the founders, Angel and Rosa Montesinos have been serving the needs of the people of Yungay, Peru as fulltime missionaries since 2006.

Prior to forming, Angel and Rosa served as missionary house-parents running a foster home for about 30 boys. Their foster home was very similar to Coyote Hill in Harrisburg, MO. Sixto Montesinos is a beneficiary of their foster home ministry. He is married to Meganne (Eaton) Montesinos and is son-in-law to Crossing members, Mike and Lisa Eaton.

Future Plans:

The Eaton family (Mike, Lisa, Amanda, Tim, and Thomas Eaton along with Sixto and Meganne Montesinos) will travel to Peru this December/January to serve the children of Yungay by leading a Kids Club-style VBS in conjunction with Juan 3:16 and their local church in addition to encouraging the Montesinos and the Juan 3:16 team in their work. Eventually, the Eatons are hoping to lead small teams to Peru every other year to support and encourage the ministry and missionaries at Juan 3:16.

Please pray:

  • That children’s lives would be changed by the power of God.
  • That God will provide for their needs, breaking the cycle of poverty, abuse, and neglect for future generations in Peru.
  • That God would move the hearts of people to generously support the ministry.
  • That God would give Angel and Rosa the energy, strength, wisdom, and obedience to serve the people of Yungay.

Advisory Board:

Lisa Eaton ([email protected]) is a Crossing Database Team member and serves on the Advisory Board of Juan 3:16. Mike and Lisa Eaton have been members of The Crossing since 2005. Feel free to contact Lisa if you have questions or want more information about the needs and ministry opportunities at Juan 3:16.

Tax-deductible Donations:

Can be made through the DONATE NOW weblink or by mailing a check to:

  • Hickory Grove Baptist Church*
  • 3717 Hickory Grove Rd
  • Gastonia, NC 28056
  • Please write in Memo line: ACCE: Juan 3:16

*Please Note: Currently, Hickory Grove Baptist Church, a very small church in Gastonia, NC, is providing a way for donors to make tax-deductible donations to ACCE: Juan 3:16 by gathering and transferring donations internationally until this ministry is able to apply as a US not-for-profit ministry.

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