Pastors Attack Broussard

Whether you are a sports fan or not, by now you know that Jason Collins, most recently of the Washington Wizzards, wrote an article for Sports Illustrated in which he declared that he was gay. You might know that later that same day, Chris Broussard, an ESPN basketball analyst, answered a question posed to him on the show Outside The Lines by saying that he didn’t believe a person could be a Christian and live in unrepentant sin whether it was homosexuality or any other sin.

Now enter another group of pastors who co-wrote an article for the Washington Post in which they express disappointment with Broussard. They assert that Broussard was wrong for stating that “one cannot be gay and Christian at the same time.” The only problem is that Broussard never said that. If a person can’t be a Christian and sin at the same time, then we are all in trouble. What Broussard said, and more importantly what the Bible says, is that Christians will be characterized by repenting over their sin. The Bible teaches that we get in dangerous territory when sin doesn’t bother us, when we make peace with it, when we get comfortable with it instead of confessing, repenting, and asking God to change us.

The pastors also accuse Broussard of using words of condemnation, but I challenge you to produce those. He said that he thought that the Bible taught homosexuality was sin. Is that condemning? Do the pastors think it’s wrong to say what Christians throughout the centuries and across all cultures have always understood the Bible to teach?

Perhaps the greatest irony is that the pastors who signed the article don’t see that they can’t live by their own standard. They condemn Chris Broussard because in their opinion he “condemns” homosexuality as a sin along with other sins. They marginalize Broussard because they claim he marginalized people in the LGBT community. Do they see a problem with that? Of course not. Why not? Because, according to their world view, Broussard has committed the unpardonable sin–he claims the Bible is true and authoritative for all people. That can’t be tolerated.

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