Our Trip to the Gospel Coalition Conference

Last week we took 17 of our staff to the Gospel Coalition Conference in Chicago. It was a time for us to participate together in a conference attended by over 3,300 people, mostly pastors, and a surprising number of them in their 20’s or early 30’s. That was exciting for me to see, and motivating for our staff to be a part of. The conference speakers were some of the pastors and authors who have been highly influential in shaping what we teach and how we do things at The Crossing: Tim Keller, John Piper, Mark Driscoll, Bryan Chapell (the President of Covenant Seminary who significantly changed/developed my preaching in seminary), D.A. Carson, and others. Every church leadership kind of has their people that they regulary read and listen to for theological guidance and motivation in ministry: these are our people.

It was a fantastic opportunity for The Crossing to continue to invest in the development of our staff in their understanding of the gospel and the ways that believing and teaching and living by the gospel affects our lives. And it was a rewarding time for us to spend four good days together as well.

Here is a link where you can listen to or watch every one of the talks that were given at the Gospel Coalition Conference for free! Just click on any main-session talk and you can choose between watching it on video or just listening to audio. Most of the workshops at the bottom are only available in audio. Right click or control-click (on a Mac) on the audio option, and you can save as (download) an mp3 file to add to your iPod to listen to while driving or working out or cutting the grass, etc. What amazingly easy opportunities we have these days for hearing and learning such great truths! This kind of technology didn’t even exist just 10 years ago. So try to take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that this is stuff mainly geared toward pastors, but it is certainly applicable to anyone desiring to influence others in ministry. And that eventually should be pretty much every Christian. Right? If you’re a small group leader, or children’s or student ministry leader, or any other kind of leader at The Crossing (or your church wherever), I believe you’ll find many of these talks well worth your time.

Our staff favorites were Tim Keller’s and John Piper’s and Bryan Chapell’s talks. I did not hear Ligon Duncan or D.A. Carson speak, but I was told later by Shay that they were also very good. So I’ll download and listen to them this week myself. You may find the Panel Discussion interesting as well. I know many of our staff thought it was the best thing there. Jeannette attended a workshop taught by Michael Bullmore, which she said was excellent. I noticed that it’s the only workshop not available to listen to, but HERE is a link to what I think is basically the same talk he gave elsewhere available the Gospel Coalition’s website. My recommendation is that if you listen to one talk from this conference, choose Tim Keller’s. Very good.

Thanks for reading.

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