Now Two in One!

In recent blogs I’ve been strongly recommending that you purchase two great Bible reading and Bible study tools: The ESV Study Bible (which we are selling at our bookstore at The Crossing at our cost) and a good Bible for your iPhone. Well, on December 1, it became possible for you to have both in one program: the ESV Study Bible for your iPhone (or iPod Touch).

I purchased mine the day in came out (for review purposes, of course), and I’m impressed with it. Admittedly, it shows the signs of being rushed to market so to speak, with certain words and text lines being a bit messy and less tight and organized as I’d hope. Hopefully that will be fixed with future updates. Still, it has the entire biblical text of the English Standard Version (the Bible translation I use for personal reading), as well as all the Bible study notes and all the excellent articles, charts, and maps of the ESV Study Bible, all with the ease of quickly clicking here and there, back and forth, to and fro whenever you want and wherever you are, right in the palm of your hand on your iPhone. Very cool and very useful.

It costs about $30. Unfortunately, if you took my advice earlier and purchased the ESV Bible for your iPhone, you’re still going to have to pay the full $30 for the ESV Study Bible as well. Irritating, I know. But I think still worth it.

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