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img_2491Wayne and Amy Newsome serve with Mission to The World (MTW) at Nisshin Christ Church (NCC) in Nagoya, Japan. They have been serving with MTW in Japan for 27 years. They are long-term ministry partners of The Crossing. The Veritas Project Japan team journeys to Nagoya to partner with the NCC ministry team each summer.

History of Connection to Veritas:
The Newsomes describe how the partnership with Veritas came about:

Around 15 years ago, we were excited about the arrival of Kermit and Nicole Summerall to Nagoya, Japan, to serve as full time campus ministers on our church planting team. They had finished language school, and were ready to hit the ground running. But God had other things in mind for them, and before they could get started, he took them from Japan, and they ended up in campus ministry at The Crossing.

To be honest, it was disappointing, and both we and the Summeralls wondered what that had been all about. Fast forward to 2010, and Kermit contacted us, asking if we would be open to having a team of Veritas students come and serve with us in college ministry. During 2012, the first summer of our new partnership, we began to see that God was orchestrating something bigger than the Summerall family serving in Japan; he was using them to open the door to dozens of Veritas students over the next several years, spending their summer ministering to the Japanese.

This partnership has been an encouragement to our mission team, Japanese partners, and the many Japanese students who the Veritas students have befriended in the name of Christ. We just completed our fifth summer hosting Veritas–it’s been a true blessing.

13439158_10209888579874445_284433670795080671_nMinistry in Nagoya, Japan:

The Newsomes serve with their team in the suburbs of Nagoya. They planted Nisshin Christ Church where their ministry now includes: college ministry, music and the arts, English as a Second Language, children’s ministry and more.

Nagoya is the 4th largest city in Japan. The Japanese are the second largest unreached people group in the world. Christians only make up 1/4 of 1% of the population. There are only one church for every 16,000 people in our region.

japan-flagThe Japanese are a very beautiful people–hard working, polite, orderly, and successful. All of these good things are their basis for acceptance, though, so many people are in bondage to the expectations and high standards of the culture. This can be a heavy burden, difficult to bear or to ever be sure if you are good enough.

The biggest challenge a Japanese person faces is to believe the Gospel–with the works righteousness inherent in their culture, believing a Gospel that is all grace, not works, is something completely foreign. This is hard to swallow for a people that takes great pride in their works. Of course this is the Newsomes’ biggest struggle as well—they say they also struggle to believe the Gospel, especially when it’s easy to feel like a missionary failure, since the numbers of people who believe and come into the family of God are small. Because they struggle with trusting in themselves and their own efforts, just as the Japanese do, they can approach the Japanese with not only understanding, but humility, because they share their need of a Savior.

NCC’s ministry is one that seeks to serve the community, trusting God to call people to himself and into the church through those activities. They do this primarily through college ministry and children/young family outreach. Their area is full of college students: there are six campuses within walking distance of the NCC ministry center. It is also a new town, with many trendy shops and cafes, which has led to an influx of young families. NCC tries to offer many entry points into the doors of the church, and then through friendship and relational ministry, people join small groups, Bible studies, and other fellowship groups where they can begin to consider Christ. Their hope is to replicate this model over and over again in other target areas where there is a great need for the church. They want to see God ignite a Spirit-led church planting movement throughout their region.

img_0555More about The Newsomes:

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Contact Info:

The Newsomes have five children:

  • Katelyn is the director of Chattanooga Sports Ministries, and loves her work with inner city, at-risk kids and youth.
  • Sam just started his job as an athletic trainer in a Sports Medicine Clinic in LA.
  • Mary Grace is a junior art major at Covenant College.
  • Sarah is a freshman at Covenant College, majoring in early elementary education.
  • Josh is 15 and is the final Newsome kid at home.

img_7244Please pray:

  1. For the NCC college ministry staff: Kaji and Ayumi Uechi, that they would find good balance of church responsibilities, college ministry, seminary, and family.
  2. That the mission team could have a successful start in two new areas where we hope to plant new churches over the next several years.
  3. That Wayne would be able to find the balance between pastoring Nisshin Christ Church and leading our mission team as the focus moves into various new places.
  4. That Amy can balance ministry, parenting and grad school. Amy is in the process of getting her master’s degree in counseling. This is a tool she can greatly use in Japan. They are excited about what shape this new tool will take in the coming months and years.

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