News From Racefield School in Kenya

Thanks to the generosity of donors from The Crossing, Racefield School has enlarged their solar system enabling them to install a computer classroom.

We are greatly encouraged by your love to move on. Thank you, to great people of God, Pastor Keith and the Entire Crossing Church and all our supporters may God richly bless you, we don’t know the better way to express it but our hearts are full filled with great joy and appreciation for your continued support to this ministry.

Lots of prayers and greetings from Racefield Family.

Wishing you God’s blessings.
Sammy & Felistus

For Racefield Children’s Ministry.

Racefield School is located outside Mwingi Town in rural Kenya where there is no electrical grid. Even so, last year the government of Kenya mandated that all schools must provide computer facilities and classes in order to keep their certification. But, the government provided no funding making their demands seem insurmountable.

And, God has provided! Once donors from The Crossing gave funding to expand the solar system, former missionary friends of Racefield living in Canada began fundraising for the bricks and mortar to build the computer classroom. So far, they have been able to get half way with the structure.

Just this week, news came that funds to complete the building are on their way. They hope to have the space completed and the computer furniture installed in the near future.

Last Sunday [our Canadian missionary friend] called us that he shared our need with his nephew who owns a construction company, and [his nephew] shared with his workers that he will be paying them a certain figure less to [any] who are willing, to continue working until he raises enough to rescue our situation and all the workers agreed to his idea. Then [he] called and explained all this to us and also send to us all the money he had gathered…

We are very humbled and very thankful to God for his faithfulness. Thank you so much for your prayers, with this amount we will be able to complete the remaining part of construction and also set up the computer furnitures in the room. We will keep updating you of the progress hoping to be done soonest possible and set up the computers.

Wishing you God’s blessings.
For Racefield Children’s Ministry.
Sammy & Felistus.

Photos below show the expanded solar installation and the first half of the soon to be completed building project.

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Photos: courtesy of Racefield School

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