Narrative: A New Publication From The Crossing

Last Sunday after each of the services, we handed out a new publication from The Crossing called Narrative. If you weren’t able to grab one then, you’ll be able to pick a copy (it’s free) this Christmas Eve, as well as on Sunday mornings. In the meantime, I thought I’d share a bit more of the vision behind the magazine.

Whether we realize it or not, we all understand our lives as a part of a story, a narrative that will affect our choices, what we value, how we pursue our relationships, and so on. And so it’s critical that we see our lives as part of the right story, the true story of redemption authored by none other than God himself. That’s where Narrative comes in.

Borrowing from something I wrote inside:

This great, overarching story is the most important thing you and I will ever hear or tell. And it’s the reason the magazine you’re holding in your hands exists. We want to tell you the smaller stories that point you to the larger one. And we hope you’ll read and experience things within these pages that will help you engage more and more with God’s story, find your proper place within it, and taste the hope and joy found nowhere else.

Toward that end, you’ll find that Narrative contains:

  • Feature stories that focus on how God’s grace has transformed the lives of people you worship alongside.
  • Information that will help you better understand what The Crossing is all about and engage more fully in its community.
  • Biblical reflection to encourage your faith and equip you to serve and influence the people and culture around you more effectively.

With all this in mind, we first want you to read and benefit from the magazine yourself. But we also hope it will provide people outside the church with an opportunity to see how God is making an impact in and around The Crossing. So please consider giving a copy of Narrative to a friend or neighbor that might be interested. Or just leave a copy in your office or on your coffee table at home. Who knows how God might use it to help people find a better story for their lives through the gospel?

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