More on The Golden Compass

Dave has already very capably posted on the controversy surrounding the upcoming release of The Golden Compass, which is the first movie adaptation of atheist/agnostic Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials fantasy trilogy. Along similar lines, I thought it might be helpful to draw attention to another excellent commentary on the same subject—especially since the movie’s release is set for this weekend.

Jeffery Overstreet is movie critic for Christianity Today and the author of Through a Screen Darkly: Looking Closer at Beauty, Truth, and Evil in the Movies. In this article, he gives some of the soundest and sanest advice for how Christians should approach these books/films that I’ve yet seen. Overstreet’s work here provides an excellent example of wise and measured Christian engagement with popular art and ideas that are in opposition to biblical faith. It’s well worth reading in its entirety, even if you’re not particularly interested in The Golden Compass itself. I can’t recommend it enough.

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