Mission Spotlight: Widbins in Guatemala


Ron and Sally Widbin live in Chichicastenango, Guatemala where they have served with ASELSI for three and a half years.  Keep Ron and Sally in prayer as God leads them into new adventures. If you are interested in going to Guatemala with the Summer 2016 missions team, make sure to attend the March 20 Guatemala Info Meeting.

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Below is a guest blogpost written by Ron.

426520_306635732725846_1834206698_n“Its just a couple of days, no big deal.” That was my response to a request given to me by a missionary from Argentina when he asked me to travel to a small village in the mountains of Guatemala. Jorge Rojas has had a ministry to several remote places for the past couple of years and he thought if I went along and shot a video he would have something to show the “folks back home.”

After a six hour drive over sometimes treacherous roads and fordable rivers I found myself in the town of Chel. From the moment I set foot in this place I knew something was different, something different from the many other Guatemalan villages my wife Sally and I had visited closer to our home in Chichicastenango.

There seemed to be a dark cloud hanging over this town of three thousand Mayan residents. I felt it, I was depressed and wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t long before I found out. One by one they started visiting. Little old ladies walking down those mountain paths with their stories to tell. The stories all had the same theme, death and regret.

On April 3, 1982 special forces of the government of Guatemala were sent to this quiet little place to “make a statement.” The word had been circulated that the residents of Chel were providing aid to the communist backed forces fighting the Guatemalan government in what turned out to be a 36 year civil war.

1072485_10200294466506841_1866306962_oThe “statement” the government made that horrible day in 1982 was swift and brutal. Hundreds of people were shot or hacked to death with machetes and dumped into a river. The stories those little old ladies shared with us that day in graphic detail were about their husbands, their fathers, their children who were lost. I thought I understood the pain that flows through the country of Guatemala but not until those couple of days in Chel did I really get it. Those couple of days turned out to be a very big deal.

“It’s just a couple of days, no big deal.” I had used that statement before back in 2011 when my wife talked me into taking a short-term mission trip with a bunch of guys from The Crossing. What we thought was going to be a couple of days turned into our last three and a half years. God gave us a heart for this country for these wonderful people who share their joys and pains so openly. People who have very little more than their faith in God.

The plan was for me to do videos for the ASELSI mission, little two or three minute stories about the physical therapy program, the medical clinic, the seminary for Bible students. The plan for Sally was to be the director of the school for special needs children. Those plans pretty much were scuttled after six months or so “in country” and we were put in charge of leading short-term mission teams from the States. That ministry has kept us extremely busy for the past three years but now God appears to be moving us on. He seems to have a purpose for my videos in places like Chel. He is using Sally’s background in education to help places that are trying to educate the children of Guatemala. During the past few months God has led us to ministries working with teenagers, to dedicated missionaries setting up medical clinics in the poorer communities, to committed Christians touching the lives of HIV infected orphans. He is using Sally to raise money to buy books for some soon to be established schools.392564_4121618124513_1741297627_n

We are continuing to work “part time” at ASELSI with teams from The Crossing and a few other churches but God has been making it clear to us that we need to be part of the healing that only He can bring in places like that little mountain village of Chel.

These verses from the 25th chapter of Isaiah were used recently during the worship time at The Crossing. They encourage us as we seek your prayerful support.

On this mountain He will destroy the shroud that enfolds all peoples, the sheet that covers all nations. He will swallow up death forever. The Sovereign Lord will wipe away the tears from all faces: He will remove the disgrace of his people from all the earth. The Lord has spoken.                                                  

Isaiah 25:7, 8


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