Mission Spotlight: Overview Part 2

Columbia, Missouri is a launchpad kind of town. As graduating classes from our multiple campuses head off into the wider world each year, former members of The Crossing spread like seeds on the wind.

In response to this, The Crossing started Veritas as its own campus ministry. Because we know the work of campus ministry needs many laborers working in a multitude of ways, we also continue supporting other campus ministry partners—many of whom are also former Crossing members. They serve both here in Columbia and in other parts of the US.

The Crossing supports campus ministers:

  • Serving through Cru and RUF:
  • Including 24 campus ministry staff
  • 6 singles
  • 9 couples
  • (This does not include The Crossing’s own Veritas staff and volunteers)

Former Crossing members also become missionaries in diverse and far-flung parts of the world.

The Crossing supports international missionaries:

  • Serving in 10 countries
  • With 10 different agencies
  • 19 missionaries total:
  • 5 singles
  • 12 couples

Many current members of The Crossing actively serve as staff or volunteers in a multitude of local agencies. The more we as members get out and serve, the more connected The Crossing becomes to our community.

The Crossing supports local/regional ministry partnerships:

  • with 15 agencies
  • 9 ministry staff members

Finally, Crossing members serve on short-term mission teams that connect with longterm missionaries. These ongoing relationships have allowed growing numbers of Crossing members to become involved in missions.

Crossing short-term teams have included trips to:day-02-28101-29

  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Jamaica
  • Japan

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