Mission Spotlight: Life Network-My Life Clinic

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 7.52.38 PMThe Crossing supports the work of My Life Clinic and Life Network of Central Missouri. The mission of Life Network is “to save lives and protect futures in the Central Missouri area and provide educational opportunities and support to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies.”

1308767738In the past 4 years alone, My Life Clinic has provided 7,066 clinic visits at no cost to the clients and 1,051 lives have been protected from abortion. My Life volunteers have provided medical services and educational opportunities valued at $337,764.

The majority of clients at My Life Clinic are women 18-24 years old who have little to no support who are facing a seemingly hopeless and scary situation. They are insecure about their ability to provide for a baby much less parent a child. They don’t know what to do or where to go.

The biggest struggles these women face are:

  • LACK OF SUPPORT–financially, emotionally, and spiritually
  • FEAR of the unknown–family reactions, access to resources, providing for the baby, parenting, and childbirth
  • STRESS–unplanned pregnancy + work stress + relationship stress + financial stress

1343314303Life Network provides services at no cost to the client including:

  • pregnancy testing
  • ultrasound
  • medical referrals for early prenatal care
  • mentoring:
    • instructing expectant moms about healthy investments in their pregnancy and baby
    • coaching moms and dads in positive relational skills that benefit their children
    • instructing single moms in nurturing and coping skills to provide for and protect their baby
    • connecting clients with local community resources
  • educational resources:
    • post abortion recovery group
    • Bible study group
    • finance 101
    • sexual integrity support group
    • STI (sexually transmitted infection) education
    • monthly parenting class

My Life Clinic will see any person that walks through the door. The hope is to be of service to everyone, especially those who have less financial and relational help, single parents, teen moms, those affected by domestic abuse, and women considering abortion who don’t know all of their options (keeping the baby, adoption).

The workers and volunteers at the clinic have a passion for tenderly caring for the needs of our community. They are passionate about saving lives and caring for the emotional and financial needs of those who walk through their doors. My Life Clinic workers and volunteers serves as the voice of the little ones who don’t have a voice.


My Life Clinic does NOT perform abortions but they do counsel women that have experienced abortions. They provide a safe, non-judgmental environment where women and men can be loved and supported through difficult situations (i.e., teen births, unplanned pregnancy, and the after-effects of abortion). My Life Clinic has witnessed some amazing stories of women who were considering having an abortion who came to the clinic, got an ultrasound, and decided to keep their baby because they could actually see that life in them! This is all at no cost to the client.

My Life Clinic offers parent education and support meetings to meet the client’s needs in regards to their struggles like fear and insecurity. There is some difficulty in getting clients to take advantage. It takes time for them to realize they are in a safe place. They even have a store filled with diapers and baby clothes. When parents attend parenting classes and other activities they get tickets that can later be used to buy items for their new baby at the store. My Life Clinic is also trying to develop ways to meet the needs of the fathers-which will better meet the clients’ need for support. My Life Clinic also desires to be able to provide more advanced medical services for clients.

My Life Clinic faces challenges in meeting the needs of these women, men and their babies. The largest struggle is an aging ultrasound machine that is coming to the end of its “life expectancy.” The cost of a new machine is beginning to loom like a black cloud. A second big struggle is the need for more building space. My Life Clinic would love to enlarge their education services but they don’t have the space to do so.

How you can help:

Get Involved and Donate904171

Baby Bottle Boomerang:

This event runs at The Crossing in February. Look for a table in the foyer filled with empty baby bottles. Pick up a bottle and fill it with spare change, checks, bills—whatever money you want to donate! Then follow instruction for how to return it to The Crossing. This is also a great way to get kids involved in giving. Last year one sweet girl emptied her entire piggy bank into a baby bottle.

Life Network Banquet:

Save the Date: March 10, 2016. Dinner and a speaker will be followed by an opportunity to donate. Watch the church bulletin and emails for how to sign up and purchase tickets via My Life’s webpage.

Prayer requests  for My Life Clinic from The Greers:
Our prayer is that the ministry of My Life would be known by the Crossing. We have only been doing this for two years and it takes time for ministries like this to spread. We want people at the Crossing to know the great work that Life Network is doing and to have the opportunity to participate in the events that the clinic puts on, to pray for the continued work the clinic does of saving lives, and when called, to financially support the ministry.

Ryan and Kelly Greer serve as volunteer liaisons for Life Network at the Crossing. They provided information for this article and serve as contacts at The Crossing for Life Network. They coordinate the Baby Bottle Boomerang efforts at The Crossing and are involved with the annual Life Network banquet. This is their second year serving as Life Network liaisons raising support and awareness at The Crossing. Ryan & Kelly have been at The Crossing 12 & 9 years, respectively. They have been members for 4 years.

Ryan and Kelly Greer: [email protected]
Life Network

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