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ICC logoInternational Community Church (ICC) receives mission support from The Crossing. Bill Younker serves as the pastor at ICC which meets in the Hillel Jewish Student Center near the University Ave parking garage. ICC is a congregation of mid-Missourians that reaches out to International students, visiting scholars, and their families on the MU campus. ICC’s congregation includes Internationals who came to Columbia as grad students and now make Columbia their permanent home.

International students and visiting scholars are often at MU for a number of years accompanied by spouses and children (and sometimes extended family members.) They must set up house, learn (or improve) English skills, get their kids educated, and learn a new culture–all while one family member is very busy researching, teaching or starting grad school at MU.

A Home Away From Home:DSC00532

ICC wants to be a home away from home for these Internationals and their families. Part of how ICC serves them is to:

  • help them adjust to America
  • help them with their English
  • help them find furniture and housewares
  • help them find cars
  • help them find many other necessary things
  • help them integrate into a community of friends
  • help them have a safe place to ask questions about confusing parts of American culture and life

ICC is always looking for others who will join the effort to reach out to Internationals. Members from The Crossing have served with ICC in the past.

Here are some ways you could help:

  • English conversation groups
  • Hospitality groups
  • Hosting International students in your home
  • Sharing meals with Internationals at holidays
  • Befriending an International on campus


Pray for ICC:

  1. May the Lord help us find the Internationals that are hurting and lonely.
  2. May the Holy Spirit work in the hearts of those who are hearing the gospel and draw them to himself.
  3. May the Lord give our workers the strength to do the ministries with Internationals that we are doing.

Meet the Younkers:Bill and Lori

Bill Younker and his wife, Lori, have been serving with ICC in Columbia MO for six years. Previously, they were missionaries in Mongolia for 5 years (from 1995-2000.) They also served as church planters in South Dakota for 4 years (from 1991-1995) and in Farmington, MO for 9 years (from 2000-2009). Their work in all these locations has been in association with the Evangelical Free Church.

Contact: Bill Younker: [email protected]

Email interview with Bill Younker

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