Mission Spotlight: FCA: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

imagesFellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is a partner ministry of The Crossing. Scott Ashton, the Mid-Missouri Director for FCA summed up their ministry this way, “We are unashamedly in support of the local church: leading [coaches and athletes] to [their] local church where they can be realigned to the gospel week after week. I’m on staff now because I was reached with the gospel through a Huddle and through a coach’s influence in high school. All these different specific ministries are needed because what reaches one kid or coach may not reach another.” FCA is volunteer-intensive ministry focused to and through the coaches because they are the ones who have the influence. It’s almost always messy. FCA works with each coach and school and sport differently. Nothing can be cookie cutter because each situation is different.

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Upcoming Event:

  • FCA Camp @ MIZZOU
  • June 27-30, 2016

  • Registration for FCA Camp @ MIZZOU
  • Contact: Kerry Maggard: [email protected] or Scott Ashton: [email protected]
  • Use Mizzou Rec’s indoor courts and Stankowski Fields
  • FCA Camp T-shirt, FCA Bible
  • Four days of fun competition, inspiration, and perspiration
  • Time with Mizzou athletes, HS athletes and FCA staff
  • Rotate through multiple sports including:  Basketball,  Football (girls – gymnastics),  Soccer, Volleyball (boys play variation), Ultimate kickball, Dodgeball, Speed Station
  • Faith devotions during huddle times

Why minister specifically to coaches and athletes?

Coaches are the ones with influence in the lives of athletes in their sport and on their campuses. Coaches and coaching couples face a host of struggles. FCA helps them meet those struggles with the gospel. Athletes especially tend to struggle with identity issues. They need to learn to put sport in its right place so that their identity, value and happiness are defined in Christ and not in sport performance. As an ongoing struggle, sport-performance based identity can become a pressure cooker. Growing in faith and relationship with Christ can release the pressure of sport performance like a valve. Scott Ashton likes to say, “Ironically, we believe sport performance increases when [an athlete is] freed up mentally through finding [his/her] identity in Christ.”

The FCA Vision: To see the world impacted for Jesus Christ through the influence of coaches and athletes.

The FCA Mission: To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

The FCA Values: Our relationships will demonstrate steadfast commitment to Jesus Christ and His Word through Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence.

The Vision, Mission and Values of FCA are expressed and achieved through:
The Four C’s of Ministry:

Coaches Ministry
The Coaches Ministry vision is to redeem sports through transformed coaches. FCA ministers to coaches through Bible studies, prayer support, discipleship and mentoring, resources, outreach events and retreats.

Specifically in Mid-Missouri: Scott Ashton says, “Christian or non-Christian we want to encourage their hearts.” To this end, in April they hosted the FCA Coaches Marriage Retreat where 40 Jr High and High School coaches and spouses spent a weekend at Old Kinderhook at Lake of the Ozarks—for free. Helias Football Coach Tim Rulo and his wife, Anne Rulo (a therapist) spoke on marriage topics specific to the coaching couple. Scott Ashton said, “I won’t use any names but we got emails afterward telling us how marriages were transformed during that weekend.”

Campus Ministry
The Campus Ministry is initiated and led by student-athletes and coaches on junior high, high school and college campuses. It has four ministry types: Huddles, Team Bible Studies, Chaplain Programs and Coaches Bible Studies. Additionally, outreach events take place on the campus such as One Way 2 Play — Drug Free programs, school assemblies and the annual Fields of Faith event.

Specifically in Mid-Missouri:

  • Our schools each have their own on-campus FCA Huddle
  • Students and teams have their own group bible study. These are student led with the influence of a coach.
Camp Ministry
Camps are a time of “inspirations and perspiration” for coaches and athletes to reach their potential by offering comprehensive athletic, spiritual and leadership training. These types of camps are Sports Camp, Leadership Camp, Coaches Camp, Power Camp, Partnership Camp, Team Camp and International Camp.
Community Ministry
The “win” of Community Ministry is to see the community reached for Jesus Christ through adult involvement. FCA partners with local churches, businesses, parents and volunteers to invest in coaches and athletes participating in club, recreational and youth sports teams. FCA Teams have also been created to impact the sports community. Other areas of Community Ministry include adult ministries, professional athlete ministries, resources and clinics.

Specifically in Mid-Missouri:
FCA hosts community-wide events to encourage athletes and coaches. These are also often very impactful events for coaches and athletes. Some of them might not otherwise attend Huddles at their schools. Others come to an event in deep need of encouragement.

Some recent examples:

  • Game Days. eg Mizzou FCA Game Day.
  • Night of Hope: in January 2016 St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Matt Holliday encouraged and brought a message of hope to coaches and athletes.

Pray for Mid-Missouri FCA:

  • Pray for God to draw coaches and athletes to himself.
  • Pray for coaches to remember their influence and use it powerfully for Christ.
  • Pray specifically for Middle School Huddles: we need a new vision for approaching these Huddles since class will now start at 7.30am.

Mid-Missouri FCA Staff:

  • Scott Ashton: Mid-Missouri Director: (573) 881-5548 [email protected]
  • Kerri Maggard: Administrative Assistant and Events Coordinator

Meet Scott Ashton & Family:
Version 2

Scott and his wife, Susan, have 6 kids: Gavin, Conner, Chase, Madelyn, Julia, and Landon. They have been members at The Crossing since moving to Columbia in 2003. Scott and Susan uniquely understand the stresses coaching couples and their kids face — the ways marriages, family life and faith can get squeezed. They hope to expand their ministry by starting a coaches and spouses small group in the near future.

Pray for The Ashtons:

  • Pray for their family life and relationships.
  • Pray for God to keep their faith strong.
  • Pray for them to trust God for their personal and family needs.
  • Pray for God to provide financially so Scott can continue to reach coaches and athletes with the gospel.

Scott’s Ministry Background:

Scott has been with FCA for 15 years—first as a volunteer, then on staff. He now serves as the Mid-Missouri Director. He spent 3 years as the FCA State Director but stepped down to return to direct interaction with athletes and coaches—a more central calling.

Scott was previously a baseball coach for 4 years at Hannibal-LaGrange University where he became more involved with FCA. While attending a National Coaching Clinic, he was drawn to attend a Coaches Huddle and Breakfast where he was greatly encouraged in his faith. This eventually led him to come on staff with FCA.

In addition to his work with FCA, Scott is a national 3Dimensional Coaching speaker. He leads high school coaches to develop a 3Dimensional Coaching strategy and define their transformational purpose in coaching.


  • Interview with Scott Ashton
  • missourifca.org

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