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Cor is one of The Crossing’s local ministry partners. Cor programs holistically serve male student-athletes working to transform futures by providing access to opportunities and resources students need to succeed.

Cor   Stats:Athletics icon pic 1

  • 40 high school student-athletes
  • 10 middle school student-athletes
  • Academic coaching and tutoring: provided by 30 volunteers
  • Meals: 4 days a week: provided by 9 small groups or individuals
  • Administrative support: provided by 5 volunteers

Cor has a highly relational focus in 3 main areas:
Student-athletes (grades 7th-12th) obtain skills and support needed to overcome academic barriers and gain access to future college and career opportunities.

  • COR - April 8, 2014.Photo by Gerik Parmele/The CrossingTutoring: Students are offered 8-10 hours of weekly academic tutoring in a variety of subject areas in order to address gaps in their educational history and allow them to reach their full academic potential.
  • Academic Coaching: Academic coaches build consistent and personal relationships with individual students. They assist the students in planning, organization, and preparation in order to become proactive learners and reach all their academic goals. This relationship provides the students with consistent and personalized support as coaches accompany students through their academic challenges and successes.
  • School Partnerships: Partnerships with local educators creates a community of people who are working together to see students succeed in the classroom. Increased communication, academic accountability, and encouragement lead to improved scholastic performance.
  • Learning Environment: A stable, well equipped, and accessible learning environment eliminates barriers by providing students with the resources they need to achieve academic success.

We use the positive power of athletics to help students build relationships, develop character, learn discipline, and create a path to a college education.

  • Athletics page banner 1NCAA Eligibility: NCAA eligibility requirements for student-athletes can be confusing and difficult to meet. Cor provides student-athletes with the understanding and resources they need to meet the NCAA’s eligibility requirements.
  • Recruiting Process: Many of our student-athletes will attempt to go on to compete in collegiate athletics. Cor provides support in the collegiate athletic recruiting process from beginning to end, from developing highlight film to traveling with athletes on recruiting visits.
  • Athletic Partnerships: Partnerships with athletic staff and coaches create greater communication, athletic accountability, academic eligibility, relational support, which allow students to maximize their athletic potential.

Cor creates opportunities for student-athletes to participate in a variety of activities and experiences that shape them into well-rounded people.

  • Service pic 2Service: Students have a variety of opportunities to serve others, from using their expertise to coach local youth athletes, to traveling overseas to serve in developing countries.
  • Activities: The opportunities to get outside and experience the world by hiking, climbing, camping, fishing, and biking show students that the world is bigger and more interesting than they once thought.
  • Leadership Development: Leadership skills are developed while listening to monthly guest speakers that provide leadership principles students can put into action within their own lives.
  • Community Partnerships: Partnerships with local organizations open doors for students to have many impactful experiences from attending youth camps around the country to weekly hang-outs and basketball shoot-arounds.
  • Some of Cor’s current community partnerships include:
    • The Crossing
      • Think Tank
      • High school class
      • Middle school class
      • Connections classes
      • Kids Club
      • Jamaica Missions Team

      Young Life:

      • Club on Wednesday Night
      • Summer Camp

      FCA: Fellowship of Christian Athletes:

      • Speakers and special events


Cor History:
Cor was established in August of 2013 by founders and co-directors Angie Azzanni and Travis Craig. Since then, Jared Fenstermacher has joined the Cor team as middle school director. This fall Bret Weise also joined Cor as a middle school intern.

Cor Impact:
Cor’s leadership knew they were on the right track when established Cor guys started taking ownership of Cor and set the tone for others as Cor began to grow. When new guys were less serious about striving for positive change in their lives, the established guys intervened to protect the integrity of Cor by asking these less serious guys to either step up and work hard or leave. Cor guys are known for working hard not just in athletics or academics but toward a transformed trajectory for all areas of their lives.

So far, Cor has graduated 13 student-athletes. Eleven have gone on to college. One has entered the workforce. The impact of Cor is evident when these graduates return to visit and encourage younger guys. It is also great to see them urging younger siblings, cousins, friends and teammates to get involved with Cor. These graduates are also keeping connected with many of the tutors and volunteers they met through Cor.

Cor has also seen positive impact in the families of Cor guys. Some of them are attending church together. Other families are more involved in going to games, connecting with teachers, holding their student-athlete accountable for academics, and some are even volunteering to help at Cor.

Cor Needs:

  • Funds and resources: Cor is currently fundraising to meet the needs of this year’s budget.
    • Gift Cards : for groceries, supplies or restaurants are also helpful
    • Computers: Cor needs current Mac laptops and Chromebooks for use during tutoring, academic coaching and homework sessions.
    • Food providers: Cor always needs small groups and individuals who will commit to regularly providing or sponsoring a meal.
  •  Volunteers
    • Administrative: various skills needed
    • Academic: specific expertise areas needed, especially teachers and undergrad or grad students with experience working with students who experience academic challenges or learning gaps.

Cor Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for God to supply all Cor needs to continue impacting the lives of student-athletes.
  • Pray that Cor guys will:
    • experience authentic lasting heart change
    • experience healing in all areas of brokenness
    • positively influence others in their families, schools, teams, neighborhoods etc.
  • Pray for Cor leadership to:
    • have wisdom in all areas as they seek to serve Cor guys effectively
    • always prioritize the deeply relational nature of their work
    • continue striving to reach more guys
    • strategically grow Cor’s programs, age range and locations

Contact Cor: [email protected]

Interview with Angie Azzanni

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