Live a Bigger Life: Top 5 Curated Resources (April 2019)

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With all the resources at our fingertips to help us grow in and live the bigger life Jesus offers, it can sometimes be overwhelming to know where to start and what sources to trust. That’s why we’re curating five great resources each month for you–from books to podcasts to videos and more–that have been helpful to our staff team and others in our church.

We hope this month’s edition of “Live a Bigger Life” inspires you to take one more step down the path of living in God’s bigger and better story.

April 2019 Contributions:

Content: Mourning and Dancing | He Reads Truth Devotional (online reading plan or book)

Description: In 2017 my wife and I suffered the loss of a child. A friend handed me this devotional a month or so after. It honestly was a significant resource in helping me process grief while also getting into God’s Word again, regularly. A great balance of scripture, prayer and processing through Ecclesiastes 3:1, 4. It’s also helpful throughout time as I still go through it every 2-3 months or so.

Contributor: Anthony Alphin, Crossing Students Operations


Content: You Are Not Distant Lord by Paul Tripp (poem/blog post)

Description: This post drew my heart to God so much. In times of struggle, I am tempted to think of God other than He is. I love how this poem urges me to think about Him rightly: as King, holy and in control, and as Father, near, caring, and loving.

Contributor: Kelley Wampler, Small Groups Team


Content: The Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism by Jemar Tisby (book)

Description: Why is their such a radical difference in the voting patterns of black and white Christians? The Color of Compromise traces the history of racism in America and reveals the uncomfortable truth that instead of resisting, the church too often promoted or at least acquiesced to a very unchristian ideology. Maybe that’s why although black and white Christians share much of the same theology, they see politics differently. Jemar Tisby’s book is well researched, well argued, and well written. Even if you don’t agree with his assessment or his conclusions, this book will help you empathize with your brothers and sisters in Christ. Best read in conjunction with the podcast Seeing White and the documentary 13th.

Contributor: Keith Simon, Co-Lead Pastor


Content: Knowing Faith by The Village Church (podcast)

Description: This podcast seeks to address questions and issues all across the spectrum of Christianity. The hosts of this show are hilarious, engaging, brilliant yet relatable. Great for the high school student asking theological questions, the stay-at-home mom listening while working, or the Bible teacher looking for helpful illustrations.

Contributor: Audrey High, High School Co-Director


Content: “God’s Story Is Our Story” Bible Reading Plan (on YouVersion Bible App)

Description: Reading the Bible regularly has been the #1 resource that has helped me grow in my faith over the years. I know from many of you that reading your Bible is something you desire to do but have a hard time making a routine. The Crossing’s “God’s Story Is Our Story” Bible Reading Plan is an easy and engaging way to read and learn the big story of the Bible. Here’s how to use it on your phone or iPad:
Step 1: Download the YouVersion Bible App.
Step 2: On the app, click the “plans” tab at the bottom.
Step 3: Click “Find Plans” on the top.
Step 4: Click on the looking glass on the top right and search “God’s Story is Our Story” in the search box. Then, select the one at the top of the list that says “God’s Story is Our Story: From Genesis to Jesus”.
Step 5: Click “Start Plan“.
Contributor: Nathan Tiemeyer, Teaching Pastor

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