Links Worth Looking At

Here are some interesting links, articles, and photo galleries from the week. Enjoy.

Gallery of Clouds – Yep. Clouds. Seems mundane but I find things like this beautiful, and by that I mean something inside of me rejoices at these images.

The Influence of Social Networking – A collection of infographics that explain “The Psychology of Social Networking.” As someone who works with families, teenagers, and college students there is a lot of wisdom here.

Being a Hate-Filled Christian – A somewhat tongue-in-cheek piece on the Christian life. Be warned, there are a few rather strongly worded phrases, a spattering of political discussion, and a handful of things I don’t completely agree with. But a lot of good food for thought here.

10 Tips on Evangelism (from Tim Keller) – 10 helpful and pithy suggestions to keep in mind when you are sharing the Good News with people.

The Wall Street Journal on Narcissism – This column intertwines Facebook, bragging, and academic research. If you think you’re not prone to boasting or self-centeredness then you should probably read this.

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