Links Worth Looking At

Here is this week’s installment.

10 Myths about Premarital Sex – A quick blog post debunking these myths. If you have or are in a position to influence teenagers, college teenagers, or 20 somethings, this is worth a read. Even if they’re 13 or 25.

Overly Optimistic Parenting – How assuming your children are Christians can sometimes be damaging to both you and them.

A New Approach to Youth Ministry – I don’t like the term “youth ministry” but it’s the easiest term to use here. I don’t agree with all the conclusions, and particularly some of the statistics within, but if you want to begin to understand how The Crossing thinks about Student Ministries, this is a decent place to start.

“Nones” on the Rise in Religious America – This is the type of study that sends some Christians into a tizzy because these younger generations are “abandoning” the Christian faith. If younger people are abandoning it (and this study suggests that more people are calling themselves religiously non-affiliated than ever before), I don’t think it’s all due to them. I think they’re abandoning the fakeness of the faith their parents modeled for them. They’re abandoning the name they once held, not the faith they once held. Interesting info here either way.

Let’s All Abandon the Backyard – Outdoor spaces have been all the rage in residential real estate. The problem this USA Today article exposes is this: we’re spending less and less time outside and more and more in front of a television. Therefore I’m considering scrapping my plans for a revamped deck for a new 60 inch flatscreen.

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