Links of the Week

Here are some articles and blogs I found to be fruitful this week. Enjoy.

A Lesson on Teen Sexuality and a Lesson on Statistics – Interesting research…and an interesting lesson on how statistics can sometimes mislead. As Christians we’d be wise to hear the second lesson, and not wig out over statistics and research that predicts the doom of churches or young people.

A Lesson on Prayer by Tim Keller – A very short article by a guy who seems to always captivate my attention.

A Lesson on Gospel Math – Jesus + Nothing = Everything. If you’ve heard Dave preach 5 times you’ve probably heard that phrase. Here’s a little video from Tullian Tchividjian.

A Lesson on Tolerance, Christians, and Muslims – Good stuff here. It hits one of my pet peeves, that “tolerance” as defined by the world today isn’t really tolerance at all. It’s acceptance. And when you ask every one to do that none of us can hold distinctive religious views.

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