Links of the Week

In my weekly internet reading, these six links articles impacted me the most.  Maybe they will you too.  Hope you enjoy.

Not Living Life as a Gate Agent – Gate agents, you know the airline employees who direct you to your destination and – as Kevin DeYoung points out – often lead you to places they’ve never been themselves.  As Christian parents, teachers, and leaders we must avoid being spiritual gate agents, people who point others on to spiritual places of maturity, service, etc., that we’ve never been.

Mom Trades Her Life for Daughter’s – Simply amazing story that I’m sure will be overused tomorrow morning as a sermon illustration.  In spite of that, please please read this.  Simply amazing.

One Thing – An interesting, and very short, look at the “one things” Scripture talks about.  

How to be Wise While Thinking on your Feet – Another really short but challenging post.  If only I lived more like this.

The Difference Between Grace-Based and Legalistic Parenting – Some concise and helpful thoughts for parents.

Dads, How to Speak so Your Children Will Listen – 5 tips on how to use your words as a father.

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