Kids Club: Mission Prayer

Another year of Kids Club is in the books. This week of high intensity fun centered around communicating the gospel to preschool and elementary kids involves hundreds of kids and volunteers. While it’s easy to get swept up in all the cheers, chants, dances, songs, skits, slime, crafts, service projects, games, mudslides & water fights, Kids Club is at its core a means of sharing the gospel. Each year, through Kids Club dozens of kids and their families are exposed to the gospel of grace, sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Pray with a missions-heart for those impacted by Kids Club:

  1. Pray for God to bring faith to the hearts of kids and their family members who heard about the love of Christ and the good news of his grace during Kids Club.
  2. Pray for the friends, neighbors & family members who brought someone to Kids Club who otherwise might not hear the gospel. May God give them the words and opportunities to continue reaching into those lives with the love of Christ and his message of salvation.
  3. Pray for the parents of kids who came to Kids Club who may be experiencing the gospel message through stories their kids tell and materials they brought home from Kids Club. May God give them eyes to see and ears to hear as he uses the messages shared during Kids Club to draw their hearts to him.
  4. Pray for families who were introduced to The Crossing through Kids Club. Hopefully, their kids are so excited about The Crossing they will come back and continue to visit and explore what God has for them here. May God draw them into worship and bring them back to continue to receive gospel teaching and build relationships that will pour grace out into their lives.
  5. Pray for all the leadership and volunteers that make Kids Club happen. Thank God for their efforts and praise him for the opportunity to pour the gospel into kids hearts. Planning such a huge event with so many different components requires a massive team and strategic thinking. Pray for Kids Club 2018. We know that, even now, God is preparing to impact more hearts and lives with the love of Christ!

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