Join the Cultural Conversation at The True/False Film Festival

My thanks to Jeremy Brown for writing up the following thoughts regarding Columbia’s upcoming True/False Film Festival:

An infamous Roman governor once asked, “Truth? What is truth?”

The question continues to be asked both by Christians and the culture around us. But the answer is not always obvious. Even so, the ambiguities in our world don’t make us less interested in deeper questions. They make us all the more curious about what is true and what is not. As people who find our identity in the very person who claimed to be the truth, we should always be concerned about what is real and with the big ideas that drive our culture. And the good thing about these kinds of questions is that Christians aren’t the only ones asking them. In fact, often the best questioners in our culture are people who have other religious identities—or none at all. What is true about the world? What does the culture around us believe to be true, and why? What place does God have in human experience? Digging into these questions can be messy, but ultimately, it remains a rewarding task…and one we’re called to pursue.

The True/False Film Festival, coming to downtown Columbia over “Leap Day Weekend” (Feb 28-Mar 2) is perhaps one of the most creative and enjoyable ways of delving into our shared questions through the medium of film. It’s an opportunity not only to view the newest, most innovative non-fiction films in the world, but also offer a humble, thoughtful Christian voice to the conversations taking place within our own community and larger culture. And at the center of everything is the heartbeat of the Fest: walking the sometimes fuzzy line between what is true, what is not, and considering what difference it actually might make.

Arguably Columbia’s most important cultural event, The True/False Film Festival offers four days packed with excellent documentaries, live music, and opportunities to find fresh glimpses into the truth of pressing social issues, the human condition, and the mixed bag of wonder and tragedy we find in the world around us. The best way to experience the Festival is to purchase a pass (starting at $55), but tickets to individual films are also available. Pass holder reservations begin on Monday, February 11. For a list of films and events, ticketing information, and a complete program, visit

Note: Some of the films (but by no means a majority) shown at True/False may contain offensive subject matter (not to be confused with a challenging perspective). Discernment and a healthy dose of common sense are helpful guides when deciding which films you choose to view.

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