John 3:30

It is not a bold or poignant statement to say that one of the defining questions of Christianity is “who are you living for?” Our ultimate allegiance in life is the grand overarching question of our faith.

But the difficult part of “living for God” is in all the details that accompany it. You see, living for God means NOT living for myself. And even though I’ll intellectually sign off on that quickly, the real nitty-gritty applications that it has on my life aren’t as easy.

Here’s one: I like being made much of. I like being recognized for my accomplishments. I like being honored and glorified. For being a nice guy, a good athlete, an intelligent thinker, a good communicator, a caring friend, a diligent and talented worker. In my shameful moments I love the thought of people leaving a conversation with me saying to one another, “Wow, he is really wise and well-spoken, huh?” or “You know, if everyone were that selfless and caring the world would be a better place.”

You all know what I’m talking about. My personal desire for self aggrandizement may exceed your own, but it is not wholly different. This verse, John 3:30 is one that my soul often fights against.

“He must become greater; I must become less.”

I’m ashamed to say that at my core, I don’t really want to become less. I want to become greater. But that’s not the way faith works, as I grow genuinely in faith Christ is more and more exalted in my life while at the same time, I am less and less concerned about my own glory and recognition.

In our bad moments, when our guard is down, we all naturally want our church, or ourselves, or our business to be honored, glorified, revered, applauded. But when it’s all over, none of that matters. Dave Cover once said something along these lines during a staff meeting, “Nothing could more futile than living for the glory of The Crossing.”

The Crossing will pass away, K-Life, Young Life, Campus Crusade, State Farm Insurance, the University of Missouri, every establishment we work for and believe in will pass away. You and I will pass away. At the end of it all they are not significant. But God and his glory is. Let us live for that. For in living for Him alone can we find signifance.

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