Jamaica Update From Luke

We are posting updates from Jamaica under the Features section of our home page. I received this most recent one from Luke about an hour ago and I thought that in order to get it up quickly, I would post it here too. After you read this, please take a moment to pray for the progress of the gospel both in the Jamaican community and the team from The Crossing.

Today, we began like the other days, with our morning meeting. Students are still going strong after 2 full days of a lot of hard, sweaty work. (Polly and I are taking bets as to when they finally drop from exhaustion). In the morning we put in a half day of work. 2 teams continued to build homes, a long line of Americans and Jamaicans shared carrying a load of marl up a twisting, steep hill, one group of students gave away some of the clothes we brought to donate at the store, and 2 brave men made slow progress on “the pit.”

The most memorable and impactful 2 hours of the day (and most likely the entire trip) was our time spent at the Infirmary. It was described to us as: “the worst government run nursing home in America multiplied by 1000.” The environment in which these Jamaicans live is shocking, but as we sat and talked and read passages from the Word to them, we found them to be more of a blessing to us than we could ever be to them. They are beautiful children of God. I saw a glimpse of
the depths of what David was thinking as he wrote in Psalm 40:17,

But as for me, I am poor and needy;
may the Lord think of me.
You are my help and my deliverer;
you are my God, do not delay.

Those we met today know what it is like to wait eagerly for Christ. I
want to hope in God like they do. Pray that we learn to wait on Christ like our new friends at the Infirmary. Pray we put our hope and trust entirely in Jesus.

The next dispatch is on the way tomorrow. Thanks for your prayers thus far.

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